What to Wear with Mens Burgundy Pants: A Complete Guide for Fashion-Forward Men

Burgundy pants are having a major moment right now in men’s fashion. This rich, wine-inspired hue adds a touch of sophistication and flair to any outfit. While this bold color may seem intimidating at first, burgundy pants are actually quite versatile and can be styled in many different ways for both formal and casual looks.

When pairing tops, it’s best to stick with neutral colors like white, grey, navy and black. A crisp white button-down shirt with a charcoal blazer is a foolproof combination that looks sharp and elegant. For a more relaxed vibe, try a heather grey sweater or a navy polo shirt. Monochromatic looks featuring shades of pink can also work well. Just add some brown leather shoes to ground the outfit.

For a bold, contemporary look, don’t be afraid to pair burgundy pants with bright, energizing hues. A graphic t-shirt in lemon yellow or cobalt blue adds an unexpected pop of color. Or try clashing patterns and textures by layering a navy buffalo plaid flannel over a heather burgundy tee. Finish it off with white sneakers for a streetwear-inspired ensemble.

The styling possibilities are endless once you get comfortable combining colors and layers. Have fun playing with different neutrals, brights and patterns to create stylish burgundy pants outfits for both day and night. With the right complementary pieces, you’ll look sharp and stand out while staying true to your personal style.

An Introduction to Burgundy and Maroon Pants

Before jumping into outfit ideas, let’s briefly cover the basics of burgundy and maroon colored pants.

What is the difference between burgundy and maroon?

Burgundy and maroon fall in the same color family but have subtle differences. Burgundy leans more toward the red-purple end of the spectrum, while maroon is deeper and more blue-toned. Maroon has a slightly brownish undertone.

Are burgundy and maroon pants in style?

Absolutely! Both burgundy and maroon pants are huge trends in men’s fashion at the moment. They are predicted to remain popular through upcoming seasons as well.

What makes them stylish?

The wine-inspired reddish purple hues add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any outfit. Bolder than basic blacks and blues, they make a statement while still remaining versatile neutral tones that can be dressed up or down.

How to wear them?

The key to styling burgundy and maroon pants is choosing complementary shades and textures in your tops, shoes and accessories. Pair them with neutrals and earth tones to let the pants be the focal point. Read on for more detailed outfit ideas and combinations.

Where to buy them?

Quality burgundy and maroon men’s pants can be found both online and in stores at retailers like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Bonobos, GAP, Uniqlo, and more. Check the bottoms sections for chinos, jeans, dress pants and joggers.

Colors That Go Well with Burgundy Pants

One of the keys to looking stylish in burgundy pants is choosing the right colors to pair them with up top. Keep reading for the best shade combinations.

Neutral Colors

Stick with neutral colored tops when wearing burgundy pants. Whites, grays, blacks, navy blues and beiges complement the bold burgundy beautifully without clashing.

Some examples of stylish neutral tops to pair with burgundy pants:

  • A crisp white button-down dress shirt with a charcoal blazer on top is a foolproof combination for a sharp, elegant look. Leave the dress shirt untucked for a more relaxed vibe.
  • A light heather gray crew neck sweater worn with a burgundy pullover also makes for an easy, everyday outfit.
  • A navy blue polo shirt or sweater looks smart with both burgundy jeans or chinos.
  • An off-white cable knit sweater adds a touch of texture and visual interest.
  • A black or grey hoodie, pullover or zip-up jacket balances burgundy pants for casual cool outfits. Distressed black denim also complements burgundy joggers or jeans nicely.

The neutral colors let the vibrant burgundy pants stand out as the focal point while grounding the overall look.

Monochromatic Looks

Another way to stylishly combine tops with burgundy pants is to create a tonal, monochromatic outfit. Match lighter shades of pink, red or maroon with your burgundy bottoms.

Some examples of monochromatic looks with burgundy pants:

  • Pair a light pink oxford shirt or salmon-colored polo shirt with burgundy jeans or chinos for an eye-catching outfit.
  • Match a maroon sweater with maroon pants for an elegantly understated look.
  • A faded red tee shirt or flannel pairs well with relaxed burgundy joggers or sweatpants.
  • Try mixing textures like a burgundy waffle knit thermal henley under a maroon corduroy jacket.

When attempting a monochromatic burgundy outfit, make sure to vary the shades so they don’t blend together into one indistinguishable color. Also, finish with brown leather shoes to anchor the look.

Earthy Tones

Shades of green, brown, tan, and khaki also complement burgundy pants beautifully. These earthy tones keep things subtle yet interesting.

Some examples of earthy tops to pair with burgundy bottoms:

  • An olive green utility jacket over a cream henley shirt and burgundy jeans makes a great weekend look.
  • A forest green flannel shirt or field jacket works well with relaxed burgundy chinos.
  • Try pairing a tan corduroy shirt jacket with a heathered oatmeal tee and burgundy joggers.
  • A chocolate brown pullover or zip-up fleece sweater balances out burgundy dress pants nicely for casual Friday work outfits.

The earthy tones and textures add sufficient contrast without overwhelming the bold burgundy pants. Keep brown leather shoes with these combinations as well.

Bright Colors

Want to dial up the drama and make your burgundy pants really stand out? Pair them with bright, energizing colors like yellow, blue, green, orange and red. Primary colors pop against the burgundy backdrop.

Some bold and bright top examples include:

  • An azure blue pocket tee creates an eye-catching contrast with maroon jeans.
  • Pair a lemon yellow hoodie with relaxed burgundy joggers or sweatpants for a fresh streetwear vibe.
  • A cherry red polo shirt styled with burgundy chinos makes for a preppy statement outfit.
  • An evergreen graphic tee complements the richness of burgundy dress pants.

Don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment with different bright colors to make your burgundy pants the focal point of your outfit. The vibrant hues pair surprisingly well together.

Outfit Ideas for Different Occasions

Now that we’ve covered top colors, let’s explore full burgundy pants outfit combinations for a variety of events and occasions.

Formal Occasions

For formal weddings, events, and black-tie affairs, you’ll want to style your burgundy pants elegantly.

Some examples of formal burgundy pants outfit ideas:

  • A white dress shirt with a skinny black tie, burgundy suit pants, black belt, and black oxford dress shoes makes for sharp formalwear.
  • Sub out the black tie for a gray and burgundy striped tie to complement the pants.
  • Another option is a light blue dress shirt with a navy blazer, burgundy dress pants, and brown leather dress shoes.
  • For a winter formal event, wear a cream cable knit sweater with a collared shirt underneath, burgundy suit pants, and black leather boots.
  • A charcoal herringbone blazer over a light grey dress shirt paired with burgundy dress slacks also makes a stylish formal outfit.

The key is keeping the suit jacket, shirt, and accessories simple and classic to let the burgundy pants shine.

Casual Outfits

Now let’s explore more casual day-to-day outfits featuring burgundy pants.

Some examples of casual style burgundy pants outfit combinations:

  • A heather grey crew neck sweater with relaxed fit burgundy jeans and white low-top sneakers makes an easy weekend outfit.
  • Pair dark wash relaxed fit jeans with a burgundy pullover sweater and brown leather boots for a simple casual look.
  • A white oxford shirt unbuttoned over a grey tee, burgundy chinos cuffed at the ankle, and brown suede desert boots makes for a sharp business casual outfit.
  • A blue denim utility jacket layered over a white v-neck tee and relaxed burgundy joggers creates a comfortable streetwear-inspired look.
  • For cooler weather, try a dark green military-style field jacket over a sand colored thermal henley and burgundy corduroy pants finished with camel suede Chelsea boots.

The key is combining the burgundy pants with comfortable tops and shoes with casual textures like denim, knits, and fleece.

Work and Business Casual Outfits

For professional settings, style your burgundy pants properly to look polished and put-together.

Examples of work and business casual outfits featuring burgundy pants:

  • A glen plaid sport coat in navy and grey worn with a light blue dress shirt, burgundy chinos, and brown leather loafers makes a sharp business casual look.
  • For a creative field, try a burgundy pullover sweater with a collared white shirt underneath, navy trousers, and brown leather boots.
  • Wear a tan poplin suit jacket over a thin grey turtleneck, burgundy corduroy pants, and matching tan leather lace-up shoes for a dapper work outfit.
  • For a more relaxed office look, pair a tattersall button-down shirt in blue and white with burgundy chinos cuffed at the ankle and dark suede loafers.
  • Keep it simple with a heather grey merino crew neck sweater, burgundy dress pants, and brown leather dress shoes.

Aim for versatile combinations of shirts, sweaters, blazers and loafers or boots to finish burgundy pants work outfits.

Date Night Outfits

Make your burgundy pants date-night ready with these stylish outfit ideas for an evening out.

Some examples of date night outfits with burgundy pants:

  • A fitted black long sleeve tee shirt with burgundy jeans, black bomber jacket and black leather Chelsea boots makes for a sleek night out.
  • Pair an unbuttoned white dress shirt with a grey undershirt, maroon skinny jeans, and brown leather dress shoes for dinner at a trendy restaurant.
  • For a semi-formal date, wear a navy sport coat over a burgundy turtle neck sweater, matching burgundy pants, and brown leather oxfords.
  • Try a textured light grey blazer with a black dress shirt, burgundy dress pants, and black leather dress shoes for cocktail attire.
  • For a winter date, don a charcoal peacoat over a cream cable knit sweater, maroon chinos, and grey suede boots.

Aim for sleek lines, fitted shirts, and smart shoes to complement your burgundy pants for a stylish date night ensemble.

As you can see, the outfit possibilities with burgundy pants are endless. Use the occasion as your starting point, then build up complementary pieces from there.

Best Shirts to Pair with Burgundy Pants

Now let’s explore specific shirt styles and cuts that pair particuarly well with burgundy and maroon pants.

White Dress Shirt

A well-fitted white cotton dress shirt is a classic pairing with burgundy formal pants or chinos. It looks refined and elegant for both work and formal events. Choose a versatile straight or slim cut. Leave it untucked and roll up the sleeves to dress down the look.

Chambray Button-Down

A lightweight chambray button-down shirt in a pale blue or grey creates an effortlessly stylish look with relaxed burgundy jeans or chinos. The texture pairs nicely with the burgundy hue. Wear it open over a white tee, or buttoned alone with sleeves rolled up. Chambray looks casual yet put-together.

Oxford Button-Down

Similar to a chambray shirt, an oxford cotton button-down in a neutral shade like white, light blue, or ecru also complements burgundy pants well. The classic shirt can be dressed up with a sport coat or worn casually open over a t-shirt.

Wool Turtleneck

A fitted merino wool turtleneck sweater in a neutral color worn with burgundy trousers makes for a sophisticated cold weather ensemble. Lean towards darker shades like black, charcoal or navy. The slim silhouette balances the straight pants.

Printed Crew Neck Tee

Don’t overlook the graphic tee! A printed crew neck t-shirt with a design or graphic logo pairs perfectly with casual burgundy jeans. Go for classic colors like white, black, grey or navy and let the graphic make the statement.

Flannel Button-Down

A relaxed flannel button-down shirt in a muted color like grey, tan, or hunter green makes an ideal overshirt to layer over a t-shirt with burgundy jeans. Leave it unbuttoned and roll up the long sleeves for a casual daytime look.

As you can see, burgundy and maroon pants pair well with a variety of classic and casual shirt styles.

Shoes That Work Best with Burgundy Pants

Now let’s explore footwear options to complement your burgundy pants outfits. Certain shoes pair better than others both in style and color.

Black Leather Oxfords

The sleek formality of black leather oxford lace-up dress shoes makes them a perfect match for burgundy suit pants or formalwear. Shiny black leather oxfords always add polish.

Brown Leather Loafers

For business casual office outfits, supple brown leather loafers are ideal with burgundy chinos or dress pants. Look for either penny loafers or typical slip-on loafers with subtle detailing.

Brown Leather Boots

Rugged brown leather lace-up boots pair exceptionally well with casual burgundy jeans for everything from weekend wear to date nights. Chukka boots or Chelsea boots are particularly stylish.

White Sneakers

Nothing beats clean white sneakers when it comes to complementing relaxed burgundy pants casually. Low-top leather sneakers in white add a sporty pop. Canvas low-top Converse sneakers also look great.

Suede Desert Boots

For another smart casual shoe option, try light tan or stone colored suede desert boots with burgundy chinos cuffed at the ankle. The texture combination is on point.

Be mindful of both color and style when selecting shoes for your burgundy pants outfits. Stick to brown and black leather, or white sneakers for best results.

Accessorizing Your Outfit

Accessories like belts, ties, scarves and hats can take your burgundy pants outfits to the next level. Here are some stylish ways to accessorize.


A black or brown leather belt always polishes off burgundy pants outfits, especially for formal and business casual looks. Opt for skinny leather belts in solid colors. Match black belts with black shoes, and vice versa.


Utilize ties to add flair to formal burgundy pants combinations. Knit burgundy ties complement nicely, but also experiment with skinny ties in shades like light grey, navy, powder blue, or lavender.


Scarves add warmth while accessorizing a burgundy pants outfit stylishly. Try a cashmere scarf in navy, camel, or oatmeal. Or opt for a blanket plaid scarf in shades of grey, tan and maroon. Layer under a peacoat or topcoat paired with burgundy jeans or dress pants.


Complete a casual burgundy pants look with a hat like a wool newsboy cap, grey felt fedora, or maroon beanie during colder weather. Baseball caps also pair well for laidback sporty ensembles.

When in doubt, keep belt, tie, scarf and hat colors neutral to complement, but not compete with, your bold burgundy pants.

How to Wear Burgundy Pants According to Your Body Type

Now that we’ve covered top colors, outfit combinations, and styling – let’s discuss how to choose the most flattering burgundy pants silhouette for your body type. Proper fit is essential to looking stylish.

Slim Body Types

If you have a slender or athletic frame, opt for burgundy pants with a slim, tailored fit to accentuate your figure. Look for straight leg dress pants or skinny jeans in stretch fabrics. Wear them at your natural waistline and paired with fitted shirt styles.

Stocky Body Types

Gents on the shorter and stockier side should avoid skinny burgundy pants. Look for straight, classic, or relaxed fits with a little room through the hips and thighs. Strategic top layering with unbuttoned shirts helps balance proportions.

Tall/Lanky Body Types

For tall men with leaner frames, choose burgundy pants with leg openings that meet and lightly break over your shoes without pooling. Athletic and relaxed tapered fits allow room through the seat and thigh to avoid looking too leggy.

Plus Size Body Types

Plenty of brands now offer burgundy pants in sizes up to 5XL for bigger, taller gents. Focus on proportion over slimness. Seek out athletic and relaxed straight leg fits with stretch for comfort. Flowy button-down shirts help balance straight hips.

The key is evaluating your body type objectively and selecting the most flattering cut. Well-fitted pants in the right silhouette make all the difference in your overall look.

Comparison Table of Outfits Featuring Burgundy Pants

Burgundy suit pants, white dress shirt, black tie, black belt, black oxford shoesFormal events, black-tie affairsThe classic tuxedo look adapted with burgundy pants instead of black makes for sharp formalwear suitable for the most elegant events.
Burgundy jeans, heather gray sweater, white sneakersCasual weekend wearThe sweater and white sneakers dress down the burgundy jeans for a relaxed weekend outfit. Comfortable and stylish.
Burgundy chinos, navy blazer, light blue dress shirt, brown loafersBusiness casual office wearThe collared dress shirt, blazer and loafers polish up the look while the burgundy chinos add flair for an office-ready outfit.
Burgundy joggers, dark green military jacket, sand henley shirt, suede bootsCasual daytime wearThe rugged textures and layers make the burgundy joggers outfit casual and outdoorsy. Perfect for daytime activities and errands.
Burgundy dress pants, grey blazer, black dress shirt, black shoesCocktail parties, evenings outThe sharp blazer and dress shirt elevate the burgundy dress pants for cocktail attire and evenings out. Sophisticated yet modern.
Maroon jeans, graphic tee, black bomber jacket, white sneakersWeekend casual, daytime datesThe graphic tee and white sneakers make the maroon jeans casual. The bomber jacket adds edge for weekend wear or relaxed dates.

FAQ on Wearing Burgundy Pants for Men

Are burgundy pants in style for men?

Yes, burgundy pants are very on-trend right now for men. The rich wine-inspired color adds sophistication and flair to any outfit.

What colors go well with burgundy pants?

Neutral shades like white, black, gray, navy and beige pair nicely with burgundy pants. Earth tones and bright colors can also complement them well.

What type of shirts look good with burgundy pants?

White dress shirts, chambray tops, oxford button-downs, turtlenecks and graphic tees all work well with burgundy bottoms. Focus on fit and color pairings.

What kind of shoes should you wear with burgundy pants?

Black and brown leather dress shoes, brown boots, white sneakers, and suede desert boots are stylish shoe options for burgundy pants outfits.

Are burgundy pants too bold?

Not if styled properly! Stick to neutral or earth-toned tops and the pants will add just the right amount of flair without being overwhelming.

Can you wear burgundy pants casually?

Absolutely. Pair them with sweaters, tees and sneakers for relaxed weekend outfits. Distressed jeans also complement them for casual looks.

What accessories go well with burgundy pants?

Belts, ties, scarves and hats in colors like black, brown, navy, gray and camel nicely complement burgundy bottoms.

What outfit combinations work for a date night?

A black tee, bomber jacket and Chelsea boots or an unbuttoned dress shirt with dress shoes make burgundy pants date-night ready.

Are there burgundy pants options for plus size men?

Yes, many brands like Bonobos and Duluth Trading Co. offer burgundy pants in extended sizes up to 5XL. Focus on proper fit.


As you can see, burgundy and maroon pants offer incredible versatility and style. Paired strategically with complementary colors, textures, layers and accessories – they can be tailored to any occasion or event. Avoid overwhelm by simply focusing on fit, keeping tops and accessories neutral, and letting the pants be the statement piece of your outfit.

Hopefully this guide has provided you with ample inspiration and advice to start confidently incorporating burgundy pants into your wardrobe. From casual looks with t-shirts and sneakers to formal attire – you are sure to find a stylish way to work this trending color.

Remember, fashion is meant to be fun and expressive. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new combinations and make these rich wine hues your own. With the right know-how, you’ll find burgundy and maroon pants among your most worn and beloved wardrobe additions.

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