What Goes Under a Mesh Dress? Get Ready to Turn Heads with These Styling Ideas!


Mesh dresses have become a popular fashion trend for those who want to show off their style and confidence. These dresses are perfect for special occasions, night outs, or any event where you want to stand out. However, with see-through fabric, it can be tricky to figure out what undergarments to wear with them. Wearing the wrong undergarments can take away from the overall look and style of the dress. This post will provide you with tips on what to wear under mesh dresses to help you feel confident and stylish.Tips on what to wear under mesh dresses:

Drawing from our experience, we have compiled a list of tips to help you choose the right undergarments when wearing a mesh dress:

  • Wear nude or skin-toned undergarments to avoid visible lines through the mesh fabric.
  • Opt for strapless bras or adhesive bras, as regular bra straps may not look flattering through the sheer fabric of the dress.
  • Go for seamless underwear or thongs to avoid visible panty lines which can ruin the look of the attire.
  • Consider wearing shapewear to smooth out any bumps or bulges in your mid-section.

Our findings show that these tips can greatly improve your overall look when wearing a mesh dress. Keep in mind that every body shape is unique, so it’s essential to try on different undergarments to see what works best for you.III. Alternatives to wearing undergarments with mesh dresses
A. Body suits or leotards
1. Our team discovered through experience that wearing a bodysuit or leotard under a mesh dress can provide both coverage and a sleek look.
B. Sheer slips or skirts
1. As indicated by our tests, wearing a sheer slip or skirt under a mesh dress can give a soft and elegant touch to the overall look.
C. Layering with jackets or cardigans
1. Adding a jacket or cardigan can not only provide coverage, but also add depth and dimension to the outfit. Check out “how to wear a windbreaker” for ideas on incorporating jackets into your look.

Interesting facts

Here are some interesting facts about what to wear under mesh dresses:

  • Choosing the right undergarments for a mesh dress is crucial to achieve a polished look.
  • Opting for nude or skin-toned underwear is a safe bet when wearing a mesh dress as it won’t clash with the dress’s design.
  • Strapless bras or adhesive bras are ideal options to wear under mesh dresses as they won’t show off unwanted bra straps.
  • Seamless underwear or thongs are also great options that won’t create any visible lines.
  • If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional undergarments, bodysuits and sheer slips are a trendy choice.

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Real experience

Samantha had been anticipating the grand ball for months. As she was getting ready, she realized she didn’t know what to wear under her beautiful mesh dress. She tried on a few different bras and panties, but nothing seemed to work. She was growing more and more frustrated by the minute.

Just as she was about to give up, she remembered her friend’s suggestion to try shapewear. Samantha ran to her closet and grabbed her favorite shapewear slip. She slipped it on and it hugged her curves in all the right places.

She slipped on her mesh dress and looked in the mirror, and she was amazed at the transformation. She felt confident and beautiful in her dress, and she knew she had made the right choice.

As she arrived at the ball, she received many compliments on her dress, and she was overjoyed to hear how confident she looked. The night was magical, and it was all thanks to her choice to wear the right undergarments under her mesh dress.

In conclusion, choosing the right undergarments to wear with a mesh dress is crucial to achieve a stylish and polished look. Our investigation demonstrated that wearing nude or skin-toned undergarments, strapless or adhesive bras, seamless underwear or thongs, and shapewear can provide the necessary coverage while still allowing the dress to showcase its unique features. For those looking for alternatives, body suits or leotards, sheer slips or skirts, and layering with jackets or cardigans can also complement the mesh dress. Don’t forget to complete the outfit with the perfect shoes. For ideas on what shoes to wear with a mesh dress, check out our previous post here: What shoes to wear with a mesh dress?. Remember, fashion is all about experimenting and finding what works best for you.

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