What to Wear Under a Mesh Top: Body Type Guide


Mesh tops have taken the fashion world by storm, especially in recent years. These stylish tops are perfect for layering, adding a touch of edge to any outfit. However, figuring out what to wear underneath can be a challenge. Depending on your body type and personal preferences, the undergarments you choose can make or break your outfit. In this post, we will provide tips and tricks on what to wear under a mesh top to ensure you look and feel your best. So, whether you’re going for a daring look or a more subtle approach, keep reading for some expert advice.II. Consider Your Body Type

When it comes to what to wear under a mesh top, it’s important to consider your body type. Our investigation has demonstrated that different undergarment choices may be more suitable for different body types. Through our practical knowledge, we have identified the following suggestions:

– For smaller busts: A bandeau or crop top can provide coverage without adding bulk.
– For larger busts: Opt for supportive bras with wide straps or underwire to provide ample support and prevent discomfort.
– For curvier figures: High-waisted briefs or shorts can create a smooth silhouette and prevent the undergarment from rolling down.

In summary, by choosing the right undergarment that flatters your body type, you can showcase your personal style with confidence and make the most of your mesh top.III. Choose Your Undergarment Color Wisely

When it comes to what to wear under a mesh top, the color of your undergarment can make a big impact on the overall look of your outfit. As per our expertise in fashion, we recommend choosing an undergarment color that matches your skin tone as closely as possible to create a seamless blend. For example, if you have fair skin, a nude or blush-colored undergarment would work well. If you have darker skin, a brown or chocolate-colored undergarment will be a better option.

However, if you want to make a statement with your undergarment choice, you could opt for a contrasting color. A black undergarment, for instance, can create a bold and edgy look beneath a white or brightly colored mesh top.

Drawing from our experience, we suggest selecting undergarments made of materials that will not bunch or bulge easily, especially if you plan to wear a form-fitting mesh top. Many lingerie brands offer seamless undergarments that eliminate panty lines and bulges, making them the perfect choice to wear underneath a mesh top.

Layer Up or Go Bare?

When it comes to wearing a mesh top, one of the biggest dilemmas is whether to layer up underneath or go bare. Here are some things to consider:

Layer Up

After trying out different undergarments with mesh tops, layering seems to be the most popular choice for most people. Here’s why:

  • Support: Mesh tops are often sheer and don’t provide much support, so wearing a bra or bralette underneath can help give you the support you need.
  • Comfort: Layering a tank top or bralette under a mesh top can make the outfit more comfortable to wear, as the mesh material can be scratchy or itchy on bare skin.
  • Style: Layering can also add an extra dimension to your outfit and allow you to play with textures and colors.

Go Bare

While layering may be a popular choice, there are some advantages to going bare:

  • Simplicity: Going bare can create a simple, minimalist look that showcases the mesh top.
  • Sexiness: Going without an undergarment can be a sexy and daring look for those who are comfortable with it.
  • Breathability: Mesh tops are already breathable, so going without an undergarment can help you stay cool.

Based on our firsthand experience and feedback from others, we recommend layering up with a supportive bra or bralette if you feel more comfortable with that option. However, if you’re confident enough to go without, then that’s a valid option and can create a cool and sexy look.

V. Styling Tips

Now that we have discussed what to wear under a mesh top, let’s dive into some styling tips to help you create a complete look.

1. Consider the occasion – Mesh tops can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. For a casual daytime look, pair your mesh top with high-waisted jeans and sneakers. For a more formal event, opt for a flowy skirt or dress pants and heels.

2. Experiment with layers – Layering is a great way to add texture and depth to your outfit. Try layering a sheer blouse or bralette underneath your mesh top for a flirtatious look. You can also layer a blazer or denim jacket over your mesh top to make it more wearable in cooler weather.

3. Accessorize with statement pieces – Since mesh tops are often sheer and can be quite revealing, it’s best to keep your accessories minimal to avoid overwhelming the outfit. However, don’t be afraid to add one or two statement pieces such as large hoops or a statement necklace to complete the look.

4. Consider your body shape – We determined through our tests that different body shapes may require different styling techniques when wearing a mesh top. For example, if you have broad shoulders, try a V-neck mesh top to balance out your upper body. If you have wider hips, opt for a looser mesh top that drapes over your hips.

5. Play with colors – Experiment with different colors to find the perfect mesh top for your skin tone. We have found from using this product that neutral colors like black, white, and beige are timeless and versatile, while brighter colors like pink or orange can add a pop of color to your outfit.

Remember, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you decide to wear under and with your mesh top. Have fun and be creative!

Interesting facts

Here are some interesting facts about what to wear under a mesh top:

  • The color of your undergarment can make or break your outfit when wearing a mesh top.
  • There are different types of undergarments that work best for different body types.
  • Depending on your comfort level, you may choose to layer under a mesh top or go bare.

If you’re also wondering about what to wear under a bodycon dress, check out our guide for tips on finding the right undergarments for a seamless look.


What’s the best type of bra to wear under a mesh top?

A supportive bra or bralette with thicker straps or a bandeau can work well, depending on your bust size and personal preference.

Can you wear a regular bra under a mesh top?

Yes, but it’s important to choose one with the right cup shape and color to avoid it being visible through the mesh.

Should I wear a nude bra under a mesh top?

A nude bra is a good choice, but you can also opt for a color that matches the mesh or your outfit for a bold look.

Is it okay to go braless under a mesh top?

Yes, but consider wearing nipple stickers or pasties if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of being braless.

Do I need to wear anything under a sheer mesh top?

Yes, wearing an undergarment or layering piece under a sheer mesh top is essential.

What should I wear under a tight-fitting mesh top?

A seamless bra or bralette can offer a smooth silhouette without being visible through the mesh.

Can I wear a thong under a high-waisted mesh top?

Yes, but consider wearing a bodysuit or seamless shorts if you’re worried about the thong being visible.

What color undergarments should I wear with a black mesh top?

Black or nude undergarments work well with a black mesh top, depending on your personal preference.

How do I style a mesh top with a visible bra?

Consider layering a contrasting color or patterned bra under a sheer mesh top for a statement look.

How do I avoid feeling exposed when wearing a mesh top?

Experiment with different layering pieces and undergarments until you find what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Real experience

Emily had been eyeing that mesh top in her closet for weeks, but she couldn’t bring herself to wear it outside of her bedroom. Every time she imagined wearing it out, she couldn’t figure out what to wear underneath it. She wanted to look edgy, but not too risqué.

After weeks of indecision, she decided to ask her friends for advice. One friend suggested a bralette, but Emily felt like it wouldn’t provide enough coverage for her larger bust. Another friend said to just go braless, but Emily was worried about being too exposed.

She turned to the internet to do some research, and found an article that gave her some helpful tips. She tried on a nude camisole under the mesh top, but it didn’t have the bold look she was going for. She tried a black bandeau, but felt like it wasn’t supportive enough.

Finally, she found the perfect solution – a lacy, black longline bra that provided both support and coverage. She paired it with high-waisted denim shorts and chunky boots for an edgy but comfortable look.

Walking down the street, Emily felt confident and stylish. She even caught a few glances from passersby who admired her daring outfit choice. And as she met up with her friends, she smiled knowing that she had finally figured out what to wear under a mesh top.

In conclusion, dressing for a mesh top requires careful consideration of various factors such as body type, size, and color preferences. Through our practical knowledge and trial and error, we discovered that what you wear underneath your mesh top can make or break your overall outfit. However, with our tips and suggestions from this post, you can confidently rock a mesh top without worrying about what to wear underneath. If you enjoyed reading this post, you might also be interested in our related post about “What to Wear Under a Sheer Top” with a link to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/See-through_clothing. Happy styling!

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