What to Wear to Eric Church Concert: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

When getting ready for an Eric Church concert, you’ll want to strike the perfect balance between country flair and rock n’ roll edge. As one of country music’s edgiest performers, Eric Church blends classic western styles like cowboy boots and flannel with modern rock touches like ripped jeans and leather. The key is channeling his bold, spirited style while putting your own spin on things.

Start by building your outfit around staple country-inspired pieces like cowboy boots, hats, and tunics or sundresses for a classically cool look. Then, edge things up with elements like graphic tees, cutoff shorts, and moto jackets that speak to Eric Church’s rockstar vibe. The venue’s atmosphere can range from casual tailgating to glammed-up so opt for versatile pieces you can dress up or down. Combining breezy fabrics and breathable layers will ensure you stay comfortable belting out lyrics all night long.

When accessorizing, have fun mixing country motifs like fringe and turquoise jewelry with on-trend statement pieces. Bandanas, boho bags, and retro sunglasses are easy ways to put a modern twist on western wear. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to two-step and belt out every lyric in true Eric Church fan style. This guide covers all the essential dos and don’ts for achieving the perfect blend of country-chic and rock n’ roll glam. Get ready to rock your inner cowgirl or cowboy at an unforgettable Eric Church concert!

Channeling Eric Church’s Distinct Country Rock Look

Before diving into specific outfit ideas, it’s helpful to understand Eric Church’s one-of-a-kind sense of style. His signature look mixes classic country influences like Western wear with edgy modern rock pieces.

Some staples of Eric Church’s wardrobe include:

  • Cowboy hats and boots – No country star’s closet is complete without these Western rodeo essentials. Eric Church often sports a simple black hat and pairs his boots with everything from jeans to suits.
  • Flannel shirts – Plaid flannel is a country music standard that Eric Church works into his outfits for a rugged look, often tying it around his waist.
  • Leather jackets – A leather moto jacket adds a bad boy rock vibe to Church’s style. He’ll throw it on over a graphic tee or button-down.
  • Distressed denim – Ripped skinny jeans toughen up Eric Church’s style and give it a rebellious edge.
  • Graphic band tees – Eric Church reps his musical influences in vintage-style band tees featuring icons like Bruce Springsteen.
  • Aviator sunglasses – No matter the occasion, Eric Church rocks his signature aviator shades.

When planning your concert outfit, look for ways to incorporate Church’s signature pieces into your look. The key is blending those country music motifs with edgier modern elements to reflect his dynamic style.

Outfit Ideas for Women

Ladies looking to emulate Eric Church’s bold look should take note of these concert outfit ideas:

Country Chic Sundress & Cowboy Boots

A breezy sundress with cowboy boots is a cute summer option. Go for a denim, floral, or prairie-style dress paired with Western boots. Top it off with a straw cowgirl hat for an extra country touch.

Fringe Jacket & Cutoff Shorts

Stay cool and show your rebellious side in this rocker cowgirl outfit. Pair high-waisted cutoff shorts with a vintage-inspired fringed jacket. Finish the outfit with ankle boots.

Graphic Tee & Ripped Skinny Jeans

Channel your inner rockstar groupie in a graphic band tee, ripped black skinny jeans, choker necklace, and black hat. Just add aviators and biker boots to complete the edgy concert vibe.

Sequin Skirt & Flannel Shirt

For a bit of country glam, style a sparkly sequin skirt with an oversized plaid flannel shirt left open. Tie the flannel around your waist and wear it with cowboy boots.

Soft Country Shirt & High-waisted Shorts

High-waisted denim shorts look adorable with an off-the-shoulder soft floral top or blouse with a ruffled neckline. Go for a romantic prairie look with cowboy boots to finish it off.

Sundress & Denim Jacket

Stay comfortable in a flowy printed sundress and add a cropped denim jacket on top for a stylish layered look. Complete your outfit with strappy sandals and a crossbody fringe bag.

Bandana Top & Denim Cutoffs

DIY a crop top by tying a bandana around your chest and pair it with frayed denim cutoffs for a flirty cowgirl vibe. Just add some layered necklaces and cowboy boots to complete the outfit.

Outfit Ideas for Men

Gents looking to rock Eric Church’s signature style can reference these cool concert outfit combos:

Button-Down & Black Jeans

You can’t go wrong channeling Eric Church’s simplicity with a dark button-down shirt, black jeans, black hat, and well-worn cowboy boots. Finish with a bolo tie for an extra country accent.

Distressed Jeans & Band Tee

Show your fandom in a vintage graphic Eric Church tee paired with ripped light wash jeans. Layer on a denim jacket and add your cowboy hat and boots to complete the edgy look.

Printed Western Shirt & Black Boots

Stand out from the crowd in a statement printed Western snap shirt. Tuck it into black jeans, add leather boots, and top it off with a sleek felt cowboy hat for a stylish look.

Jersey & Trucker Hat

If you’ll be tailgating, a football jersey and distressed jeans is a comfortable outfit choice. Accessorize your look with a classic trucker hat.

Flannel & Cargo Shorts

Beat the heat in a lightweight flannel left open over a tank, cargos or shorts, and casual sneakers or boots. Top it off with a backwards trucker hat.

Vintage Band Tee & Cutoff Shorts

Channel your inner rockstar in a vintage metal band tee, black cutoff shorts, and high-top sneakers. Add a bandana around your head or neck for an edgy style.

Styling Tips for Looking Your Country Rocker Best

Once you’ve decided on the basics of your Eric Church-worthy outfit, it’s time to refine the details. Use these styling tips to perfect that bold country rock concert aesthetic:

Mix New and Vintage Pieces

The key to nailing Eric Church’s look is blending modern country and classic retro elements. Pair new items like graphic tees with vintage touches like fringed jackets.

Incorporate Band Merch

Show your fandom and emulate Eric Church’s rocker aesthetic by sporting his official tour merch. Concert tees, tanks, hats, and belts are all fair game.

Accessorize with Bandanas

Bandanas can provide that bad boy country rock feel. Tie them around your neck, wrist, waist, or bag. You can even DIY a crop top with a bandana.

Don’t Forget Your Cowboy Hat

The right cowboy hat brings any outfit together and protects you from the sun during an outdoor show. Go for a simple black or brown felt hat or a trendy straw version.

Add Edge with Jewelry

Leather and metal jewelry infuses rock vibes into your look. Spiked chokers, layered chain necklaces, and chunky cuff bracelets complement the attitude of Church’s music.

Pick Versatile Footwear

Choose boot styles that transition seamlessly from day to night like classic Western boots, vintage cowboy boots, or sleek black leather riding boots.

Plan Layers

The weather can quickly change during an outdoor show, so planning layers is crucial. Pack a denim jacket, flannel, or leather jacket you can throw on if temperatures drop.

Prioritize Comfort

Concerts require seriously comfortable clothing and footwear. Avoid anything too restrictive and look for breathable fabrics that will keep you cool if temperatures rise.

Dress It Up or Down

Pick pieces like blouses, button-downs, and sundresses that can go from the tailgate party to the show with just a few accessory swaps. Layers are great for adapting your look.

Additional Outfit Inspiration

For even more ideas on how to nail Eric Church-approved style, take a look at these additional country rock outfit options inspired by festival fashion:

Open-Front Sleeveless Fringe Vest and Floral Sundress

Channel a ’70s country rock vibe with a suede fringe vest worn open over a colorful maxi sundress. Ground the floaty dress with cowboy boots for a playful fusion look.

Crochet Halter Crop Top and High-waisted Denim Flares

Show off your figure and embrace vintage Americana style with a crocheted halter top and flared high-waisted jeans. Finish with layered beaded necklaces and simple ankle boots.

Ethnic Hippie Embroidered Tunic and Printed Leggings

Bring a boho country feel to your outfit with an embroidered tunic worn over printed leggings. Style with stacked bracelets, a woven bag, and gladiator sandals.

Soft Plaid Button-Down Dress and Knee-High Boots

A plaid shirtdress exudes understated country flair. Cinch it in with a belt and wear it with slouchy suede knee-high boots for a laidback fall ensemble.

Denim Miniskirt and Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

Flaunt your flirty side in a denim miniskirt, off-the-shoulder blouse, and lace-up leather booties. Add a trendy crossbody bag to complement the outfit.

Key Accessories for an Epic Concert Look

Accessories are the perfect way to infuse extra country personality and polish into your Eric Church concert attire.

Statement Belt

Cinch in a dress or flowy blouse with a standout belt featuring glittery studs, rhinestones, or oversized buckles. Go for a bright color to make it pop even more.


From a makeshift top to a stylish necktie, the bandana options are endless. Use it to add a pop of color or vintage country flair.

Choker Necklaces

Edgy choker necklaces with studs, chains, or charms add a hint of rock and roll. Layer a few together for extra impact.

Stacked Bracelets

A mix of chain, string, and beaded bracelets provides an easy way to accessorize. Adorn your wrist with Eric Church-inspired colors and motifs.

Felt Cowboy Hat

For an authentic country music look, you can’t beat a classic felt cowboy hat. Opt for black or brown to complement any outfit.

Oversized Hoop Earrings

Big statement earrings pair perfectly with tousled concert hair. Go for metal, leather, or carved hoops in polished gold or silver.

Crossbody Purse

A compact crossbody bag adds a cute accent while keeping your hands free. Choose one that coordinates nicely with your outfit’s colors and texture.

Leather Cuff Watch

A rugged leather watch acts as a nice masculine accessory. Pick a large faced style with metal accents for an on-trend look.

Other Events where Similar Outfits to an Eric Church Concert Could Be Worn

EventOutfit Ideas
Outdoor Music Festival– Sundress or flowy tank with denim jacket and booties
– Printed romper with cowboy boots
– Band tee with cutoff shorts and sneakers
County Fair– Floral prairie dress with brown cowboy boots
– Jean shorts with plaid flannel shirt and hat
– Printed romper with cowboy boots
Tailgate Party– Jersey and jeans with sneakers
– Sundress with denim jacket and booties
– Tank top with cargo shorts and hat
Rodeo– Floral prairie dress with cowboy boots
– Plaid button-down with jeans and cowboy hat
– Jean shorts with graphic tee and sneakers
Cajun Festival– Sundress with denim jacket and boots
– Printed romper with cowboy boots
– Jean shorts with off-the-shoulder top and hat
Outdoor Wedding– Sundress with denim jacket and booties
– Printed maxi skirt with plaid top and hat
– Romper with heels and dainty jewelry
Bonfire Party– Jeans with plaid flannel and boots
– Sundress with denim jacket and booties
– Printed romper with sneakers
Camping Trip– Jeans with flannel and sneakers
– Printed romper with denim jacket and boots
– Sundress with denim jacket and sneakers

Things to Consider For the Perfect Outfit

Beyond just your clothing, there are a few additional factors to keep in mind when planning your concert attire:

Venue Vibes and Dress Code

Get a feel for the venue’s environment and read up on any specific dress code or prohibited items before selecting an outfit. This will prevent any fashion emergencies.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Setting

An outdoor music festival calls for clothes suitable for an entire day spent outside. If the show is indoors, you can likely get away with dressing a bit nicer.

Weather Forecast

Check the expected weather leading up to the show so you can pick suitable outfits, shoes, and layers. Plan for rain, heat, humidity, or cold.

Planned Activities

If you’ll be tailgating or dancing all night, opt for extra comfy shoes and clothing you can move in. High heels and tight clothes won’t work well.

Outfits For All Day

For a full festival day, have versatile layered outfit options you can modify as needed. Bring extra layers and a change of shoes too.

Managing Outfits

Strategize ways to adapt key pieces from day to night by adding or removing outer layers, swapping shoes, changing up hair and makeup, etc.


What type of shoes should I wear to an Eric Church concert?

Cowboy boots are the most popular choice to channel the country vibe. But sneakers, booties, or strappy sandals also work well for dancing and all-day wear. Opt for comfortable shoes since you’ll be on your feet.

Can I wear shorts if the concert is outdoors?

Definitely! Jean shorts or cutoffs paired with cowboy boots make a cute summer outfit. Just be sure to check the weather and bring layers in case it gets cold after sundown.

What if it rains during the outdoor concert?

Come prepared with weatherproof boots and a rain jacket or poncho over your outfit. Avoid suede and fabrics that will get ruined. Umbrellas are typically not allowed.

Would a little black dress work for an Eric Church concert?

While not the most popular choice, you could make a LBD work! Pair it with a denim jacket, cowboy boots, and country-inspired jewelry for a more on-theme look.

What kind of jewelry should I wear?

Boho-chic jewelry like turquoise necklaces, cuff bracelets, and dangling earrings complement most concert outfits. Just avoid wearing anything too expensive or precious.

Can I wear heels or wedges?

We recommend avoiding really high heels, as concerts entail lots of standing and uneven terrain. Lower cowboy boots, heeled booties, or wedges work better. Bring a change of shoes.

Will I have to go through security checks?

Yes! Avoid wearing lots of bulky jewelry, jackets with metal embellishments, or too many accessories that will set off metal detectors. Keep it simple.

What if I get cold during the show?

Layers are key! Bring a denim, leather, or flannel jacket you can throw over your outfit if the temperature drops after sundown. Handy for outdoor shows.

Is there anything I should avoid wearing?

Steer clear of super tight clothes, long dresses or maxi skirts, or outfits with pieces that could easily come loose. Wear shoes that will stay on your feet in a crowd.

Rock On in True Eric Church Style

As one of country music’s most unique stars, Eric Church always brings bold personality and gritty edge to his live shows. Infusing his signature style into your own concert fashion allows you to rock out while paying homage to this trailblazing artist.

The key is blending classic country and Western motifs with modern rock accents for the perfect fusion wardrobe. So grab your cowboy boots, favorite graphic tee, and trusted denim jacket to craft an outfit that honors Eric Church’s rebellious spirit. From fringed vests to band tees, you’ll be ready to sing along in true country rebel glory.

Have more ideas for channeling Eric Church’s distinctive concert style? Share your tips and favorite outfit ideas below!

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