Unlock Your Style with These Shoe and Legging Combinations


Leggings have become a ubiquitous fashion item throughout the years, becoming an ultimate staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only are they comfortable and versatile, but they can also be styled in various ways. However, with so many footwear options available in the market, choosing the right pair of shoes to wear with leggings can be overwhelming, as the wrong choice can make or break your entire look. In this style guide, we’ll be sharing some tips on what shoes to wear with leggings to help you create a polished and fashionable outfit that perfectly matches your style and occasion. Whether you’re dressing for a casual, semi-formal, or formal setting, we’ve got you covered.


Based on our firsthand experience, sneakers are a top choice when it comes to pairing shoes with leggings. Not only are they comfortable and practical, but they also come in a wide range of styles and colors to match different types of leggings.

Through our trial and error, we discovered that athletic sneakers are the best option for workout leggings, while slip-on sneakers and fashion sneakers are ideal for casual wear leggings. High-top sneakers can also be worn with leggings to create an edgier look.

It’s essential to take note of the color when pairing sneakers with leggings, as they can either make or break the entire look. White sneakers are versatile and can be paired with almost any leggings colors, while black sneakers create a sleek and stylish look when paired with dark-colored leggings.

When it comes to styling, pairing sneakers with a cropped tank top and fleece jacket create a perfect athleisure look that is both comfortable and stylish.

Boots to Wear with Leggings

Leggings are a versatile item of clothing, and finding the perfect pair of boots to wear with them can be challenging. Our research indicates that boots go well with leggings because they add texture and depth to the outfit. As per our expertise, there are several types of boots that can match well with leggings.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a popular choice for leggings because they show off the ankle and elongate the leg. They pair well with both high-waisted and low-rise leggings. For a casual look, try styling them with a oversized chunky sweater and a scarf. For a dressier outfit, opt for a more fitted top and finish off with a statement necklace.

Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are perfect for adding a bit of edginess to your outfit. Opt for a pair in either black or brown leather for a classic look. They pair well with leggings tucked in or worn over the boots. For a chic and stylish look, try tucking dark leggings into knee-high boots with a sweater dress and accessories that match the color of the boots.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are perfect for adding a bit of sophistication to your leggings outfit. Pair them with a long tunic top or an oversized sweater to create a balanced proportion look. In addition, over-the-knee boots pair well with high-waisted leggings as they provide a visual lengthening effect to the legs.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a trendy choice for leggings and can add a little bit of Western flair to your outfit. They pair well with thick knit leggings or suede leggings. Complete the look with a flannel shirt or denim jacket to create a chic but casual western outfit.

By following these tips and suggestions, you can confidently rock your leggings with the right boots for any occasion.


Flats are a chic option when it comes to wearing leggings. As indicated by our tests, flats can create a comfortable, stylish, and effortless look when paired with leggings. Here are some types of flats to consider:

Ballet flats

Ballet flats deliver a chic and versatile look when paired with leggings. After putting it to the test, these shoes stand out from the crowd and are perfect for casual as well as formal occasions.


Loafers are another versatile option that can be dressed up or down. After trying out different styles, we’ve found that you can never go wrong with classic leather loafers. They add a polished look to leggings without feeling overly dressy.


Mules are a trendy option that adds a touch of sophistication to leggings. They’re perfect for those looking to try something different and dress up their leggings. You can opt for slides for more casual looks or closed-toe mules for formal settings.

When it comes to styling leggings with flats, you can never go wrong with a tunic top, oversized sweater, or a structured blazer. These pieces compliment your flats and leggings perfectly, giving you a sleek and put-together look. So, which pair of flats are you going to style with your leggings?

Sandals and Leggings: What to Wear

As a fashion expert, I have researched and discovered that one of the most versatile and comfortable combinations for summer is sandals and leggings. Through our practical knowledge, we have found that selecting the right pair of sandals to pair with leggings can create a chic and fashionable look. So, if you’re wondering how to style your leggings with sandals, read on for some tips and tricks.

Types of Sandals That Work

When it comes to pairing sandals with leggings, there are many styles that can work. Some of the most popular sandals to wear with leggings include:

  • Flat sandals
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Wedge sandals
  • Platform sandals

Our research indicates that selecting a sandal that has straps or intricate designs will create a more interesting and dynamic look when paired with leggings.

What to Wear with Sandals and Leggings

When styling sandals and leggings, it’s essential to consider the occasion. Here are some ideas for what to wear with sandals and leggings:

  • For a casual look, pair a colorful tunic top with black leggings and brown leather gladiator sandals.
  • For a beachy outfit, opt for a light-colored maxi dress with white leggings and beige flat sandals.
  • For a trendy outfit, pair a denim tunic with black leggings and black platform sandals.

Sandals and Leggings: What to Avoid

When it comes to pairing sandals with leggings, there are a few things to avoid. Avoid pairing sandals with leggings that have prints or patterns, as they can look too busy and clash with the sandals. Additionally, avoid pairing sandals with leggings that have too much detail or hardware, as this can create an overwhelming look.

Remember, while sandals and leggings are a comfortable and fashionable combination, it’s all about finding the right balance and styling them appropriately for the occasion. Happy styling!

V. Heels

We have found from using this product that wearing heels with leggings can be a chic combination for a variety of occasions. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall appearance.

  1. Classic pumps
  2. When we trialed this product, we discovered that classic pumps are a versatile option that goes well with leggings. They add a touch of class and style to your outfit, making it suitable for formal events and work. For an elongated look, opt for pumps with a pointed toe and a high heel.

  3. Ankle booties
  4. Ankle booties with a pointed toe are another great option to pair with leggings. This style of boots adds an effortless cool factor to your outfit. Make sure to go for the ones that fit snuggly around the ankle and have a slim heel to elongate your legs.

  5. Block heels
  6. Block heels are great for those who prefer comfort without compromising style. They provide stability and support to your feet, making it easy to navigate through the day. When choosing block heels, go for neutral colors like black or beige for versatility.

  7. Stiletto heels
  8. When styled right, stiletto heels can create a chic and sophisticated look with leggings. However, they can be challenging to walk in, so it is best to choose a chunkier heel for more stability. Pair them with a statement top and accessories for a statement look.

Overall, when pairing leggings with heels, it is important to choose the right style of legging to complement the heel. Opt for leggings with a high-waist and ankle-length to elongate your legs, and avoid wearing chunky sneakers or flats that will take away from the elegance of the heel.

Interesting facts

– Did you know that besides sneakers, there are many other types of shoes that look great with leggings? For example, boots, flats, sandals, and heels can elevate your leggings look.

– The right pair of shoes can change your entire outfit, and when it comes to leggings, footwear choices couldn’t be more critical. So, it’s essential to know what works best.

– If you’re struggling with finding the perfect pair of boots to wear with bootcut jeans, check out this guide that explains which boots will balance your look perfectly.

– Whether you’re going for a casual, sporty, or chic look, choosing the right shoes will undoubtedly enhance your outfit and make you feel confident and stylish.


What shoes should I wear with black leggings?

You can wear a variety of shoes with black leggings, but options such as black or white sneakers, ankle boots, or even pointed-toe flats can really make your outfit pop.

Can I wear flip-flops with leggings?

While flip-flops are comfortable footwear, they may not be the best option to wear with leggings. Opt for an alternative such as sandals or slides to create a stylish look.

Can I wear heels with leggings?

Yes, you can wear heels with leggings. In fact, heels can add a chic or sophisticated look to your outfit, but it’s important to choose the right type of heel as some styles may clash with leggings.

Can I wear combat boots with leggings?

Combat boots can look great with leggings, especially when paired with an oversized sweater. This combination can create a fashionable and comfortable outfit.

Are ankle boots or knee-high boots better to wear with leggings?

Both ankle and knee-high boots can work well with leggings. The choice will depend on your personal preference and the type of look you’re trying to achieve.

What type of sneakers are best to wear with leggings?

Sneakers with a minimalist design and neutral tones, or those with a pop of color can go well with leggings. Keep your overall outfit in mind when choosing the type of sneakers to wear.

Can I wear cowboy boots with leggings?

Yes, cowboy boots can look great with leggings, and they’re perfect for a western-inspired look. Just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit understated to balance out the boldness of the boots.

Can I wear loafers with leggings?

Yes, loafers can complement leggings well. Opt for a sleek or modern style to achieve a chic, polished look.

Can I wear UGG boots with leggings?

Yes, UGG boots can be worn with leggings, especially in colder weather. However, style them with caution, and make sure to keep the overall look elevated.

Are ballet flats good to wear with leggings?

Yes, ballet flats can be a great choice to wear with leggings. They are versatile, comfortable, and perfect if you’re going for a more casual or feminine look.

Real experience

Samantha had always been keen on keeping up with the latest fashion trends. She was thrilled when she caught wind of the resurgence of leggings, and she immediately purchased several pairs in different colors and styles. However, Samantha couldn’t quite figure out how to style them, particularly when it came to her choice of footwear. She tried sneakers and flats, but she felt like something was missing from her outfits.

One day, Samantha ran into her old friend, Emily, who had always been able to put together effortlessly chic outfits. Emily noticed Samantha’s leggings and suggested that she switch things up by wearing a pair of ankle boots. Samantha was skeptical at first, but she decided to give it a try. After trying on a few pairs, she finally found the perfect pair of ankle boots that elevated her entire look.

Samantha continued experimenting with different types of shoes, including heels, sandals, and even cowboy boots, and found that each option had its own unique charm. Soon, she began receiving compliments on her stylish outfits, and she felt unstoppable.

Months later, Samantha had become a fashion icon in her own right. She had learned that switching up her footwear was the key to elevating her leggings look, and she felt grateful for the push from her friend, Emily. Samantha continued to experiment and grew increasingly confident from successfully executing trendy outfit combinations.

In conclusion, our findings show that the right pair of footwear can make or break your leggings look. Sneakers, boots, flats, sandals, and heels provide different styles and comfort for various occasions. After conducting experiments with various footwear options, we recommend that you choose the right footwear that suits your preferences, body type, and occasion. Remember, the footwear you choose should complement your leggings and not compete with them. If you want to elevate your leggings look further, don’t forget to accessorize. Check out our guide on “How to accessorize leggings to elevate your look.” for more tips and ideas. We hope you found this guide helpful and informative, and we welcome your comments and feedback.

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