Tessa – glitz and glamour of fashion capitals

Personal Statement

Marrying classic elegance with contemporary flair, I embrace each modeling opportunity as a canvas for storytelling. From high-fashion runways to intimate print campaigns, I’m dedicated to bringing a vision to life, capturing the essence of brands and resonating with audiences worldwide.


  • Versatility: Ability to embody a diverse spectrum of looks and styles, from high fashion to street style.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Experience working in various global markets, adapting to local aesthetics while maintaining a unique signature look.
  • Professional Poise: Punctuality, resilience, and adaptability in high-pressure environments.
  • Collaborative Instinct: Proven ability to work cohesively with photographers, makeup artists, and designers.
  • Keen Eye for Detail: Understanding of lighting, angles, and aesthetics to help achieve the desired shot or runway presence.

Work History

  1. Lumière Modeling Agency, New YorkHigh Fashion Model (Feb 2023 – Present)
    • Graced runways for both emerging and established designers during NY Fashion Week.
    • Featured in several editorials for internationally acclaimed fashion magazines.
  2. Eclat Model Management, LondonPrint and Commercial Model (Jun 2021 – Jan 2023)
    • Led campaigns for luxury brands, specializing in cosmetics, apparel, and accessories.
    • Collaborated with renowned photographers on editorial shoots for UK’s top fashion magazines.
  3. Freelance, Various LocationsModel (Aug 2019 – May 2021)
    • Built a diverse portfolio working independently, focusing on print campaigns and brand collaborations.
    • Nurtured global networks and partnerships, leading to increased bookings and brand ambassador roles.


  • Elite Model Academy, ParisAdvanced Modeling Techniques (2019)
  • London School of FashionIntroduction to the Fashion Industry (2018)


Tessa’s love for modeling began not amidst the glitz and glamour of fashion capitals, but in a quaint town nestled at the foot of snow-capped mountains. Growing up, she’d been surrounded by breathtaking landscapes – endless forests, serene lakes, and skies painted in colors unimaginable. Little did anyone suspect that this quiet town would birth one of the fashion world’s brightest stars.

Every evening after school, Tessa would escape into the woods, armed with her grandmother’s vintage dresses and a makeshift tripod camera. She’d capture herself against the backdrop of nature’s raw beauty – sometimes atop a moss-covered stone, other times with the wind playing with her hair on a lakeside. These self-photographed shots, initially a mere hobby, soon became a sensation on a budding social media platform.

A traveling fashion scout, seeking solace in the town’s tranquility, chanced upon one of Tessa’s photos at a local cafe. The juxtaposition of timeless fashion against raw nature was enchanting. Within weeks, Tessa found herself on a plane to New York, a city she had only seen in films.

But this sudden transition wasn’t seamless. The bustling streets, relentless pace, and blinding flashes were a stark contrast to the serene symphony of her hometown. There were times when she felt lost, yearning for the embrace of her familiar woods.

Yet, with every photoshoot and runway, Tessa began weaving her essence into her work. She insisted on bringing elements of her home into the global fashion scene. Designers were hesitant initially, but soon, woodland-themed fashion shows became the rage. Models walked down runways adorned with pine, mist, and the melodious chirping of birds played in the backdrop. The fashion world had not only embraced Tessa but also the spirit of her hometown.

As years passed, Tessa became more than just a model. She was an icon, a bridge between two contrasting worlds, proving that roots, no matter how humble, can find their place amidst stars. And every time she walked a runway or graced a magazine cover, in the midst of all the glitz, one could always find a touch of the tranquil town that was her first love.

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