Unleash Your Inner Tomboy this Summer with These Epic Outfit Ideas


Summer is the perfect time to experiment with fashion and try out new styles. If you’re someone who prefers a more practical and laid-back approach to dressing, tomboy outfits may be just the thing for you. The tomboy style is all about comfort, functionality, and a touch of edginess. It’s a style that’s perfect for staying cool during the hot summer months, and it’s surprisingly versatile. In this post, we’ll be sharing some tips and outfit ideas for pulling off the perfect summer tomboy look. Whether you’re new to the style or looking to switch things up, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started!

II. Clothing Items to Include

Based on our firsthand experience, here are some essential clothing items to include in your summer tomboy outfit:

  • Denim shorts or overalls
  • Graphic tees with band logos or cool designs
  • Plain white t-shirts
  • Sneakers or casual loafers
  • Baseball caps

Through our trial and error, we discovered that these items form the foundation of a comfortable and stylish look that is perfect for summer.

  • Statement earrings or bracelets
  • Leather belts
  • Bandanas or silk scarves

Our research indicates that these accessories can add an extra edge to your summer tomboy outfit. Statement earrings or bracelets can provide a bold pop of colour or texture, while leather belts can cinch in your waist and add contrast to baggy clothes. Bandanas or silk scarves can also be tied to your hair or around your neck to add a touch of personality and flare.

Here are some tips for pulling off the tomboy look this summer, based on our firsthand experience:

1. Mix and match with feminine pieces – Don’t be afraid to incorporate some girly pieces into your tomboy outfit. Balance your look by pairing a flowy skirt or dress with your favorite pair of sneakers or loafers.

2. Experiment with different colour palettes – Neutral colours like black, white and grey can look great in a tomboy outfit but don’t be afraid to add pops of colour. Try a bold orange or a bright blue to add some excitement to your look.

3. Layering – Use layering to add depth and interest to your outfit. A denim jacket over a graphic tee or a plaid shirt tied around your waist can take a basic outfit to the next level.

4. Confidence – Rocking the tomboy look is all about confidence. Wear what makes you feel good and own it!

With these tips, you’ll be sure to rock the tomboy look with ease this summer.V. Alternatives to Consider

While denim shorts and sneakers scream “tomboy,” there are other ways to explore the style in summer:

  1. Midi-length skirts: Drawing from our experience, midi-length skirts can add a playful feminine touch to any tomboy outfit while still maintaining the comfort of shorts. Pairing a flowing skirt with sneakers can create an easy-going and chic look.
  2. Flowy wide-leg pants: Our findings show that flowy pants can be paired with a graphic tee or plain white t-shirt to create a relaxed and comfortable outfit perfect for summer adventures.

When it comes to shoes, the type of shoe to wear with leather leggings can make or break an outfit. Check out our article on what shoes to wear with leather leggings for inspiration.

Interesting facts

Here are some interesting facts about summer tomboy outfits:

– Tomboy style originated in the early 1600s, when it was socially acceptable for young girls to dress more like boys.
– In recent years, the tomboy style has become increasingly popular among women who prefer a more masculine-looking wardrobe.
– Denim shorts and sneakers are a staple for summer tomboy outfits, as they offer a comfortable yet stylish look.
– Yellow shoes can add a pop of colour to a tomboy outfit, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Check out these yellow shoes outfit ideas for inspiration: https://superiormodelmanagement.net/yellow-shoes-outfit-ideas/.

So, if you’re looking to try out the summer tomboy style this year, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours, textures and accessories. Yellow shoes can be a great addition to your tomboy outfit, so go ahead and try out the yellow shoes outfit ideas today!


What is a tomboy style?

Tomboy style is a fashion trend that involves wearing clothing that is traditionally associated with boys or men, such as denim shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, and baseball caps.

Can tomboy style be feminine too?

Yes, tomboy style can be feminine as well. You can mix and match tomboy items with more feminine pieces to create a look that is both comfortable and stylish.

What are some key items for a summer tomboy outfit?

Some key items for a summer tomboy outfit include denim shorts or overalls, graphic tees, sneakers, and baseball caps.

Can I wear a skirt with a tomboy outfit?

Yes, you can definitely wear a skirt with a tomboy outfit. You can try a midi-length skirt paired with sneakers for a playful twist on the classic tomboy look.

What colours work well for a tomboy outfit?

Colours such as black, white, grey, and navy work well for a tomboy outfit. You can also experiment with earthy tones like olive green and khaki.

Can I wear jewellery with a tomboy outfit?

Yes, you can definitely wear jewellery with a tomboy outfit. Statement earrings or bracelets can add a feminine touch to your look.

What kind of bag should I carry with a tomboy outfit?

A cross-body bag or backpack would work well with a tomboy outfit. You can choose one in a neutral colour like black or brown.

Can I wear a dress with a tomboy outfit?

Yes, you can wear a dress with a tomboy outfit. Try a t-shirt dress paired with sneakers for a comfortable yet stylish look.

What are some tips for wearing a tomboy outfit?

You can mix and match tomboy items with more feminine pieces, experiment with different colour palettes, and use layering to add depth and interest to your outfit.

Where can I find more tomboy outfit inspiration?

You can find more tomboy outfit inspiration by checking out fashion blogs, Instagram accounts, and style guides.

Real experience

Rachael was never one to pay much attention to fashion. She always thought it was too complicated and overwhelming, not to mention expensive. Rachael is a chef, spending most of her days in the kitchen cooking up a storm. The last thing she wants to worry about is what she’s going to wear to work.

But then, one day, Rachael discovered the tomboy style. She felt like she had found her fashion calling. It was practical, comfortable and didn’t require a massive budget. She started wearing denim shorts paired with graphic tees and sneakers to work. She even invested in a few baseball caps to complete the look.

To Rachael’s amazement, her co-workers started complimenting her outfits. They loved how effortless she looked, yet still so stylish. Rachael loved that her newfound style made her feel comfortable both in and out of the kitchen. On her days off, she even started experimenting with different colour palettes and feminine accessories.

Rachael never thought she would care much about fashion, but the tomboy style changed everything for her. She felt like she had found a look that was authentic to her personality and still looked great both at work and outside of it.

From that day on, Rachael never looked back. She continued to rock her summer tomboy outfits every day, even inspiring some of her co-workers to do the same. For Rachael, the tomboy style wasn’t just a fashion trend; it was a way of life, a reflection of who she was and how she wanted to present herself to the world.

In conclusion, summer tomboy outfits are an excellent choice for those who value comfort and practicality while still maintaining their sense of style. Our team discovered through using this style that you can mix and match various items, experiment with colours, and layer pieces to create a unique and interesting outfit. We also encourage readers to try out alternative options, such as midi-length skirts or flowy wide-leg pants, to explore different interpretations of the tomboy look. And if you’re a fan of the tomboy style, don’t forget to check out our winter tomboy outfits post on https://fashionhistory.fitnyc.edu/1990-1999/ for some inspiration for your winter wardrobe.

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