Sophie known to many as an enigma

Personal Statement

A vibrant and adaptable model, I pride myself on embodying the visions of designers and photographers with authenticity. My diverse portfolio reflects my commitment to the art of modeling and my passion for exploring new facets of the industry.


  • Eclectic Portfolio: Proficient in high fashion, editorial, and commercial shoots.
  • Cross-Cultural Experience: Modeled in major fashion capitals: Paris, Milan, and Tokyo.
  • Technical Expertise: Knowledgeable in makeup application and hairstyling for diverse shoots.
  • Team Collaboration: Proven ability to work effectively with photographers, designers, and makeup artists.
  • Physical Fitness: Maintains top form through yoga and dance, ensuring longevity in the industry.

Work History

  1. Elysium Models, ParisLead Model (March 2022 – Present)
    • Featured in prestigious fashion weeks and exclusive brand launches.
    • Represented the agency in international campaigns, strengthening brand presence.
  2. Luna Modeling Agency, TokyoFashion Model (July 2019 – Feb 2022)
    • Pioneered campaigns focusing on blending Western and Eastern fashion aesthetics.
    • Collaborated with top Japanese designers, resulting in viral fashion editorials.
  3. Freelance, Various LocationsModel (Jan 2017 – June 2019)
    • Engaged in diverse modeling projects, from indie magazine features to global ad campaigns.
    • Networked with industry professionals, garnering recommendations and partnerships.


  • Milan School of ModelingAdvanced Modelling Techniques (2016)
  • New York Visual Arts AcademyPhotography and Visual Representation (2015)


In the bustling city of Milan, the heart of fashion, Sophie was known to many as an enigma. While her face graced billboards and magazine covers, very few knew of the small bookshop she secretly owned in the city’s old quarter.

The shop, “Whispering Pages,” was a haven for those seeking solace from the city’s relentless pace. Antique books with tales of ancient worlds, lost loves, and forgotten adventures lined the shelves, their pages yellowed with age, exuding a sweet, musty scent. The regulars at the shop knew Sophie only as “Eva,” the mysterious owner who always had the perfect book recommendation for every soul.

One winter evening, a renowned fashion photographer named Marco entered the store, looking for a vintage book to use as a prop for an upcoming shoot. Eva (Sophie) recommended a beautifully bound, azure-blue book titled “Celestial Dreams.” Intrigued by Eva’s striking elegance and the aura she exuded, Marco felt an overwhelming urge to photograph her.

He hesitated initially but then asked if she would model for him, describing the ethereal vision he had in mind. Eva, hesitant yet intrigued, agreed but on one condition – the location had to be her beloved bookstore.

The following week, the shop transformed. The natural light that seeped through the vintage windows gave Eva an otherworldly glow. With every click of Marco’s camera, the stories from the books seemed to come alive, wrapping Eva in their magic. The photos captured not just a model, but a storyteller, a guardian of ancient tales.

The series, when released, took the world by storm, titled “The Bookstore Muse.” While the world speculated on the identity of the muse, the secret remained between Marco and Eva.

Their professional collaboration marked the beginning of a deep personal connection. The duo began to work on more projects, each intertwining the world of fashion with the allure of literature.

Years later, when “Whispering Pages” became a global chain of boutique bookstores, the legend of the bookstore muse lived on. The lines between Sophie the model and Eva the bookshop owner blurred, creating a legacy that celebrated the beauty of stories, both told and untold.

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