Rachel Shepherd – myriad reflections of the water

Personal Statement

With an innate sense of grace and a passion for embodying diverse fashion narratives, I strive to capture the vision of designers and photographers alike. My dedication to the craft has allowed me to work across various facets of the modeling industry, from runway spectacles to intimate editorial shoots.


  • Broad Portfolio: Experience spanning editorial, runway, commercial, and lifestyle modeling.
  • Adaptive Styling: Capable of translating diverse aesthetics and moods effectively.
  • Professionalism: Punctual, prepared, and committed to every assignment’s success.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Experienced in modeling for brands from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Physical Well-being: Regular fitness and skincare regimen to maintain optimal appearance.

Work History

  1. Eclipse Model Management, ParisLead Model (July 2021 – Present)
    • Represented renowned designers during Paris Fashion Week.
    • Featured in major fashion magazines, influencing season trends.
  2. Aura Modeling Agency, MilanFashion Model (March 2019 – June 2021)
    • Collaborated with emerging Italian designers, bringing fresh concepts to life.
    • Regular face for beauty and skincare brands in commercial shoots.
  3. Freelance Assignments, Various LocationsModel (October 2017 – February 2019)
    • Worked with a mix of avant-garde designers and established brands.
    • Grew an independent portfolio, which opened doors to top modeling agencies.


  • London School of ModellingProfessional Modeling Course (2017)
  • New York Visual Arts AcademyBachelor’s in Visual Arts (2016)


Amid the twinkling lights of Paris, in a quiet corner café near the Seine, Rachel Shepherd sat, her gaze lost in the myriad reflections of the water. The river carried tales from the past, and Rachel felt as if she was part of its story.

She wasn’t the typical model one might imagine. There was an ethereal quality about her, an old-world charm that set her apart in the bustling fashion capital. Designers loved her for it, and photographers often said she brought stories to life with just a glance.

One day, while Rachel was engrossed in a vintage book she had picked up from a nearby antique store, an elderly woman named Isabelle approached her. The two struck up a conversation, and Isabelle, with a twinkle in her eye, began to share tales of her younger days as a cabaret dancer in Montmartre.

Rachel was captivated by Isabelle’s stories of the bohemian life, the artists she’d met, and the revolutions she’d witnessed. The elderly dancer’s stories were filled with passion, drama, and the allure of a bygone era. They painted pictures of moonlit dances, forbidden romances, and a Paris that once was.

Inspired, Rachel collaborated with a renowned photographer to recreate the Paris of Isabelle’s tales. The series of photographs that followed was nothing short of magical. They weren’t just images; they were gateways to another era, with Rachel embodying the spirit of a young Isabelle, dancing on cobbled streets with stars in her eyes.

The collection became an overnight sensation, not just for its artistry, but for the narrative it weaved. Each photograph was accompanied by snippets of Isabelle’s tales, bringing to life the world of 1940s Paris.

Soon after, the two women, from different generations but bound by a shared love for stories, launched an exhibition. They named it “Whispers of Montmartre,” a tribute to the tales that might fade but never die.

The exhibition became a space where fashion met history, where stories danced and memories were reborn. For Rachel, it was more than just another project; it was a journey through time, a love letter to Paris, and a testament to the timeless power of stories.

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