Rachel M – golden desert sands of Marrakech

Personal Statement

With a natural flair for representing diverse fashion narratives and an intrinsic ability to adapt to varied modeling roles, I’ve been deeply engaged with the fashion industry’s dynamic evolution over the years. My passion lies in understanding and embodying the essence of every project I take on.


  • Broad Portfolio: Experience in editorial, runway, commercial, and lifestyle modeling.
  • Dynamic Poser: Skilled in presenting varied moods, styles, and themes effectively.
  • Cultural Adaptability: Modeled for international brands across North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Fitness and Well-being: Dedication to maintaining physical fitness and mental well-being.
  • Tech-savvy: Proficient in digital platforms for portfolio management and brand collaborations.

Work History

  1. Ethereal Moda Agency, LondonLead Model (June 2022 – Present)
    • Represented high-end brands at the London Fashion Week.
    • Collaborated with internationally acclaimed photographers for editorial spreads.
  2. Silhouette Models, New YorkFashion Model (Dec 2019 – May 2022)
    • Fronted ad campaigns for leading cosmetic and apparel brands.
    • Featured in numerous fashion magazines, enhancing brand visibility.
  3. Freelance, Global AssignmentsModel (Apr 2017 – Nov 2019)


  • Paris Institute of Fashion & ModellingProfessional Modeling Course (2017)
  • Los Angeles School of ArtsBachelor’s in Visual Arts (2016)


Rachel M stood still, eyes locked onto the horizon, as the golden desert sands of Marrakech swirled around her. Each grain told a story, whispered secrets of ancient times, and as the sun began to dip, casting elongated shadows, Rachel felt like she was a part of that tale.

She wasn’t here for a regular photoshoot. She had been selected for a unique project titled “Timeless Elegance,” capturing models in historically significant sites around the world. The Marrakech desert had once been a significant trading route, and Rachel was to embody the spirit of a traveling merchant princess.

As she adorned herself in traditional Berber jewelry, with indigo fabrics flowing around her, Rachel felt a profound connection to the place. It wasn’t just about posing; it was about reliving history, feeling the emotions of those who had once tread these lands.

Ali, the photographer, was a local and had grown up with tales of his ancestors who had been influential traders. He shared stories with Rachel, of powerful women traders who defied norms and ventured into the unknown, facing perils but always emerging victorious.

With every click of the camera, Rachel became one with the desert. She wasn’t just a model; she was the merchant princess, the fearless traveler, the essence of timeless elegance. The wind picked up, and the desert seemed to come alive, dancing around her, as if acknowledging her tribute.

The photographs from Marrakech became the crown jewels of the “Timeless Elegance” series. But for Rachel, it wasn’t just another successful shoot. It was a journey through time, a dance with history, and an intimate connection with a world she had only dreamt of.

Years later, Rachel would often say that the desert had shared its secrets with her, and in those golden sands, she had found a piece of herself she never knew existed. The tales of the merchant princesses weren’t just stories; they were reminders of the strength and grace that lay within every woman.

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