Erinn C – a young woman with dreams

Personal Statement

Dynamic and passionate professional model with a proven track record in various forms of modeling, from editorial to runway. With a unique blend of classic and contemporary style, I aim to bring versatility, dedication, and a fresh perspective to the modeling industry.


  • Physical Attractiveness: Possessing a photogenic quality with strong features suitable for various modeling roles.
  • Excellent Communication: Skilled in articulating ideas and understanding photographers’ and designers’ visions.
  • Collaborative Skills: Proven ability to work effectively within a team of stylists, photographers, and other models.
  • Dependability & Time Management: Always punctual and fully prepared for shoots, casting, and runway shows.
  • Stamina & Endurance: Experienced in long photoshoots and back-to-back runway shows without compromising energy or enthusiasm.
  • Posing & Runway Skills: Versed in a wide range of poses and known for a distinctive runway walk.
  • Fashion Trends: A keen understanding and appreciation for current and emerging fashion trends.

Work History

  1. Elite Model Management – Editorial Model (Jan 2021 – Present)
    • Represented various luxury brands in high fashion editorial shoots.
    • Collaborated with renowned photographers and stylists.
  2. XYZ Modeling Agency – Runway Model (Jun 2019 – Dec 2020)
    • Walked for top designers in international fashion weeks.
    • Featured in promotional campaigns and advertisements.


  • ABC Modeling Academy, New York – Professional Modeling Course (2018)
  • Fashion Forward Workshop, Los Angeles – Runway Training (2017)


In the picturesque town of Lille, nestled between the winding alleys of France, lived Erinn C – a young woman with dreams grander than the expansive lavender fields that surrounded her home. Lille was not known for its bustling fashion scene. The closest thing to a runway here were the cobbled pathways that threaded through the town square, where children ran, and old couples walked hand in hand.

Erinn grew up as the youngest of three sisters. While her siblings took to the family’s bakery business, Erinn was often found lost in the pages of glossy fashion magazines or standing in front of the bakery’s large window, draping herself in tablecloths, imagining them to be haute couture designs.

One day, a chance visit by a renowned Parisian photographer to Lille’s annual Lavender Festival changed Erinn’s life forever. He was there to capture the beauty of Lille’s iconic lavender fields, but what he found instead was a striking young woman, donned in a self-made lavender dress, standing out amidst the sea of purples and greens. Her posture, her gaze, her expression, everything spoke of a raw, untamed talent.

He introduced himself as Antoine and handed her his card, urging her to consider modeling in Paris. With a mixture of surprise and excitement, Erinn agreed.

Moving to Paris was no easy feat for a small-town girl. The city was vast, intimidating, and its fashion scene was fiercely competitive. But with Antoine as her mentor, Erinn slowly climbed the ladder. She began with small gigs, modeling for local designers and boutiques. Word of her natural talent, along with her unique style that echoed both her small-town charm and newfound city sophistication, spread.

In just a couple of years, Erinn C was no longer just a dreamer from Lille. She was a name that adorned the guest lists of elite fashion parties and the preferred model for top designers.

Erinn’s defining moment came when she was chosen to close the show for a renowned designer at Paris Fashion Week. As she sashayed down the runway, wearing an ensemble inspired by the lavender fields of her hometown, there was an undeniable magic in the air. The audience was spellbound.

Today, while Erinn C graces international runways and magazine covers, she remains true to her roots. Every year, without fail, she returns to Lille for the Lavender Festival, reminding everyone that no matter where life takes you, one must never forget where one came from.

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