Elliott – a live sketch model

Personal Statement

Dedicated and experienced male model known for bringing a unique blend of classic charm and modern edge to the industry. With a diverse portfolio ranging from editorial shoots to high-end runway shows, I am passionate about pushing boundaries and continually evolving in the world of fashion.


  • Adaptable Look: Versatile appearance suitable for a range of modeling genres from commercial to high fashion.
  • Strong Communication: Ability to connect with photographers, designers, and fellow models to realize a shared vision.
  • Team Player: Collaborative mindset and an easy-going nature make for harmonious team projects.
  • Professionalism: Consistent in delivering high-quality work, punctuality, and preparedness.
  • Runway Presence: Distinctive walk and stage presence, experienced in various international fashion weeks.
  • Knowledge of Fashion Industry: Updated with the latest trends, designers, and industry practices.

Work History

  1. Majestic Model Management – Editorial Model (Mar 2021 – Present)
    • Engaged in various high-profile shoots for major fashion magazines.
    • Worked alongside some of the industry’s top photographers and stylists.
  2. Orion Modeling Agency – Commercial Model (Jan 2019 – Feb 2021)
    • Featured in numerous ad campaigns for brands ranging from apparel to lifestyle products.
    • Developed a knack for connecting with the camera, ensuring the product and message were highlighted effectively.


  • Moda Model Academy, London – Professional Modeling Course (2018)
  • Style & Substance Workshop, Milan – Advanced Runway Techniques (2017)


In the heart of Barcelona‘s vibrant arts district, Elliott spent his days as a live sketch model for artists at the famed La Escola d’Art. With chiseled features and an intriguing aura, he was the favorite subject of many aspiring painters, bringing inspiration with every pose and expression. His presence could transform a canvas into a masterpiece.

One day, as he held a pose amidst the soft clinks of paint brushes and muffled conversations, an unexpected guest walked into the studio. It was none other than renowned fashion designer Isabella Cortez. She was there on a personal quest, seeking inspiration for her next collection.

As Isabella’s eyes landed on Elliott, she saw more than just a model for art students. She saw a muse for her upcoming fashion line. Enchanted by his poise and raw elegance, she approached him after the session and expressed her vision.

Elliott, though surprised, was excited about the opportunity. He had always been intrigued by the fashion world but had never imagined himself on a runway.

Under Isabella’s wing, he was introduced to the glamorous yet demanding world of fashion. With his background in art modeling, Elliott brought a unique flair to the catwalk. His ability to tell a story through his movement, reflecting the emotions and essence of the clothing he wore, quickly distinguished him from other models.

His debut at Barcelona Fashion Week was nothing short of spectacular. The show concluded with Elliott donning a suit inspired by Picasso’s abstract period, an ode to both his artistic roots and the city’s rich history.

The audience gave a standing ovation, not just for the collection but for the model who had brought it to life. Overnight, Elliott became the talk of the town.

As years passed, Elliott seamlessly blended the worlds of art and fashion. He started a movement where models were not just seen as mannequins but as artists, contributing to the narrative of the collection they represented.

While he continued to thrive on the runway, Elliott never forgot his origins. He regularly returned to La Escola d’Art, not just as a model but also as a mentor, inspiring young artists and models alike. In the intertwining alleys of Barcelona, legends were whispered of the artist who became the muse, the canvas that transformed into the catwalk.

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