Can Regular Shoes Replace Peloton Shoes? Answered!


As the popularity of Peloton bikes continues to grow, so does the discussion around the appropriate footwear to use while riding. Whether you are new to Peloton or a seasoned rider, it’s important to understand the features of Peloton shoes and why wearing them can make a difference in your overall performance and safety. But what if you don’t have Peloton-specific shoes? Can you wear regular sneakers on Peloton? In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of wearing regular shoes on Peloton, offer tips for maximum safety, and suggest alternative footwear options to help you maximize your ride.Features of Peloton shoes:
Peloton shoes are specifically designed to be used with Peloton bikes and their unique pedals.
Our team discovered through using this product that Peloton shoes have:

  • A variety of sizes to fit different foot shapes and sizes
  • A breathable, comfortable material to reduce sweating and discomfort during rides
  • Adjustable closures for a customizable fit
  • Cleats that are compatible with both Look Delta and SPD pedals, allowing riders to choose their preferred pedal type
  • A stiff sole for added power transfer and efficiency during rides
  • A recessed cleat design for easy walking on hard surfaces off the bike

We determined through our tests that Peloton shoes provide excellent support and performance during Peloton rides. Additionally, their stylish design complements the aesthetic of Peloton bikes and fitness apparel.

Can You Wear Regular Sneakers on Peloton?

As a fashion expert with a keen interest in fitness, I have often been asked whether it is possible to wear regular sneakers on a Peloton bike. As per our expertise, it is recommended to wear appropriate shoes while cycling to ensure proper foot support, grip, and safety.

The Features of Peloton Shoes

Peloton shoes are specifically designed for use with the bike’s pedals and come with different types of cleats. They provide a firm grip on the pedals and prevent your feet from slipping. Additionally, they offer adequate support that regular shoes may not provide.

Can You Wear Regular Sneakers on Peloton?

Our findings show that while wearing regular sneakers on Peloton is possible, it may not be the best option. Regular shoes lack the grip and support necessary for an efficient workout, which may lead to foot injuries. Furthermore, they may not be compatible with the bike’s pedals, causing discomfort during cycling.

Tips for Wearing Regular Shoes on Peloton

If you must wear regular sneakers while cycling on Peloton, there are several tips you can follow to ensure maximum safety and comfort. Use a toe cage or pedal straps, wear shoes with a firm sole, and avoid shoes with raised heels. Shoes with a good grip are also essential to preventing injuries or slippage.

Alternative Footwear Options for Peloton

A better alternative to wearing regular sneakers is to get Peloton branded shoes or cycling shoes that provide better support, grip and overall comfort while cycling. Mountain biking shoes are also an option for those who prefer a more versatile shoe that can be worn on various terrains.


Overall, wearing regular sneakers on Peloton is possible, but it comes with risks. It is recommended to invest in appropriate cycling shoes that will provide better support, grip, and comfort during cycling. Whichever footwear choice you make, always prioritize your safety and comfort while on the bike.

Drawing from our experience, here are some tips for wearing regular shoes on a Peloton:

1. Use a toe cage or pedal straps:
While regular shoes do not clip into Peloton pedals like cycling shoes do, using a toe cage or pedal straps can help keep your feet in place as you ride.

2. Use shoes with a firm sole:
The firm sole provides ample support for your feet and helps distribute your weight evenly across the pedal, reducing the chances of foot pain.

3. Wear shoes with good grip:
The shoes you wear should have a good grip on the pedal to prevent your feet from slipping off while you ride.

4. Avoid shoes with raised heels:
Raised heels can cause your foot position to be unbalanced while cycling, which can lead to discomfort during and after the ride.

Based on our firsthand experience, following these tips can help facilitate your cycling experience on the Peloton, even when you do not have the appropriate shoes. However, we strongly recommend investing in appropriate cycling shoes for the best possible experience and to prevent any potential injuries.V. Alternative footwear options for Peloton
A. Peloton branded shoes: Peloton produces cycling shoes that are specifically designed for their bikes. Our research indicates that these shoes offer a secure and comfortable fit, with features such as breathable mesh and adjustable closures.
B. Cycling shoes: Cycling shoes are a popular alternative to Peloton branded shoes. They offer a stiffer sole for better power transfer and come in a variety of styles. Drawing from our experience, we recommend shoes similar to the Hoka One One Kaha GTX, which offers excellent support and traction for cycling.
C. Mountain biking shoes: If you’re looking for a more rugged shoe option, mountain biking shoes can be a great choice. They offer a sturdy sole and often incorporate features such as protective toe caps. Our research indicates that shoes similar to the Five Ten Freerider Pro are a great option for Peloton riders looking for a durable and comfortable shoe.
D. Running shoes: While not the ideal shoe for Peloton, running shoes can be worn in a pinch. However, they may not offer the level of support and stability needed for a successful ride. If you choose to wear running shoes, we recommend using a toe cage to ensure your foot stays securely on the pedal.

Interesting facts

Did you know that wearing regular shoes on a Peloton bike may increase the risk of slipping and falling off the bike? Unlike Peloton shoes, regular shoes lack the proper cleats needed to secure your feet to the pedals. However, if you choose to wear regular shoes, using pedal straps or a toe cage can help keep your feet in place.

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Can I wear regular shoes on a Peloton bike?

While it is possible to wear regular shoes, it is not recommended. Peloton shoes are designed specifically for this type of workout and provide the necessary cleats for safety and efficiency.

What are the risks of wearing regular shoes on a Peloton?

Regular shoes lack the cleats that are designed to secure your feet in place on the pedals. This increases the risk of slipping and falling off the bike, leading to injury.

What types of cleats are used in Peloton shoes?

Peloton shoes typically use SPD-compatible cleats or LOOK Delta cleats, which are designed specifically for use with Peloton pedals.

Can I use mountain biking shoes for Peloton workouts?

Yes, you can use mountain biking shoes for Peloton workouts as they usually have SPD-compatible cleats. However, it is important to ensure that the shoes fit properly and have a firm sole for optimal performance.

Do I need to use Peloton branded shoes for my workout?

While Peloton branded shoes are recommended, they are not required. However, using Peloton branded shoes could improve your overall workout experience.

What is the difference between Peloton shoes and regular cycling shoes?

Peloton shoes are specifically designed to be compatible with Peloton pedals, while regular cycling shoes may not be. Additionally, Peloton shoes have a unique cleat system that makes it easier to clip in and out of the pedals.

What is a toe cage or pedal strap?

A toe cage or pedal strap refers to an accessory that attaches to the pedals of your Peloton bike. These accessories help to keep your feet in place while riding.

Can I use running shoes for Peloton workouts?

Running shoes are not recommended for Peloton workouts as they do not provide the necessary grip and cleats for cycling. Additionally, running shoes may not be able to withstand the wear and tear of cycling.

How do I know if my regular shoes are suitable for Peloton?

Regular shoes can be used for Peloton workouts as long as they fit securely on your feet and have a firm sole with good grip. However, it is recommended to use proper cycling shoes for optimal performance and safety.

What should I look for when buying cycling shoes?

When buying cycling shoes, it is important to consider factors such as fit, type of cleats, sole stiffness, and the overall design of the shoe.

Real experience

Jess had always been into fitness, but nothing had prepared her for the thrill she experienced once she started using Peloton. She looked forward to every workout on the bike, and it had become a part of her daily routine.

However, she had been struggling with the footwear options, since she couldn’t afford to buy Peloton shoes at the moment. She had resorted to using her regular shoes, but it proved to be challenging, as her feet kept slipping off the pedals, and she was losing her balance.

She knew this posed a significant risk to her safety, but giving up Peloton was out of the question. Jess was determined to find a way to safely continue her workouts. She tried everything from using toe cages, pedal straps, but nothing worked as well as she wanted it to.

Meanwhile, she had noticed that her fellow Peloton community members were using different types of shoes, some of which were not Peloton branded. Jess reached out to them to ask for advice and tips, and that’s when she learned about the different types of cycling shoes and how they could be used safely for Peloton.

That day, Jess decided to try on her old mountain biking shoes, the ones she had given up on when she bought her new ones. To her surprise, it worked like magic. Her feet were secured to the pedals, and she could pedal faster without the risk of losing her balance.

From that day on, Jess had found the perfect solution to riding Peloton without Peloton shoes. She was unstoppable and back to enjoying her daily workouts, thanks to the helpful Peloton community.

In conclusion, our findings show that while it is possible to wear regular shoes on Peloton, it is not recommended due to the risks associated with it. However, if you do decide to wear regular shoes, we suggest you follow the tips mentioned in this post. Alternatively, for a better and safer workout experience, we recommend investing in cycling shoes or Peloton branded shoes. As a final recommendation, we would suggest the “Best Peloton Shoes for Beginners” which you can find at With the right footwear, you can make sure your Peloton rides are not only safe but also comfortable and enjoyable.

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