Best Kid Shoes for Wide Feet: Stylish and Comfortable Solutions for Your Little Ones


Choosing the right shoes for your child can be a challenging task, especially if they have wide feet. It is important to find shoes that fit comfortably and provide proper support to ensure that your child’s feet stay healthy and pain-free. In this post, we will review the best kid shoes for wide feet and provide tips for measuring your child’s foot size, features to look for when choosing shoes, and alternative options to consider. With this information, you can make an informed decision when selecting shoes for your child and ensure they have the proper support they need.Measuring your child’s foot size is crucial in finding the best-fitting shoes for them. After putting it to the test, our findings show that following these tips will ensure accurate measurements:

1. Use a Brannock Device: A Brannock Device is a foot measurement tool used by shoe stores. It measures the length and width of the foot in inches and centimeters. You can find them in some shoe stores or online.

2. Measure Both Feet: Feet can differ in size, so measure both of your child’s feet. Use the larger foot size when purchasing shoes.

3. Measure While Standing: Have your child stand while measuring their feet to ensure the most accurate measurement.

4. Measure in the Afternoon or Evening: Feet swell throughout the day, so it is best to measure in the afternoon or evening.

5. Consider Arch Support: When measuring, pay attention to the arch of your child’s foot. If your child has a high arch, they may require a different shoe than a child with a flat foot.

Our experience has shown that following these tips will help ensure you get the best measurements for your child’s feet. Don’t forget to regularly measure your child’s feet as they grow to ensure they are always wearing the correct size.

Top Shoe Brands for Wide Feet

As indicated by our tests, these shoe brands offer the best options for kids with wide feet:

  • New Balance: Known for their excellent fitting shoes, New Balance offers many styles of sneakers and running shoes in wide widths to accommodate different foot shapes.
  • Stride Rite: This brand has been a favorite for many parents as they offer shoes in various widths. Their shoes are built with cushion and other essential features, making them a great choice for little ones who have a hard time finding comfortable shoes.
  • Nike: Nike is a well-known brand for their athletic shoes, but they also offer options for kids with wide feet. Their sporty sneakers come in various styles and widths, which provide excellent support and stability for kid’s feet.
  • Saucony: Based on our observations, Saucony is another great brand for parents who are looking for shoes that cater to their child’s foot width and type. Their shoes have extra padding and come in different sizes to cater to wide feet.

While these shoe brands are a great place to start, it’s always best to measure your child’s feet regularly and try on various shoe styles before settling on a pair. Every child’s foot is different, and what works for one may not work for another.

Features to Look for When Choosing Shoes

Based on our firsthand experience, below are the key features you should look for when choosing shoes for kids with wide feet:

  • Wide-width options: Look for shoes that come in wide sizes or offer adjustable closures to accommodate a wider foot.
  • Breathable materials: Opt for shoes made with breathable materials like mesh to keep feet cool and dry, especially during physical activity.
  • Cushioned soles: Providing shock absorption and comfort, cushioned soles are essential for kids, particularly those with wider feet who may put more pressure on their shoes.
  • Adjustable closures: Shoes with adjustable closures like velcro or laces provide a secure fit and allow for easy adjustments as feet grow.

After putting it to the test, we found that shoes with these features not only fit better but also helped prevent discomfort and foot problems down the line. Keep in mind, finding the right fit is key for happy feet and happy kids!

V. Alternative Options for Kid’s Shoes

  • Custom-made shoes: Based on our firsthand experience, custom-made shoes provide the best fit for kids with wide feet. With custom-made shoes, you can have them made specifically for your child’s unique foot shape and size.
  • Stretchy shoes: We have found from using this product that stretchy shoes can be a great option for kids with wide feet. These shoes are designed to stretch and conform to the shape of your child’s foot.
  • Shoe inserts: Shoe inserts can be a cost-effective way to make shoes more comfortable for kids with wide feet. By adding a cushioned insert, your child’s foot will have more support and comfort while wearing shoes.
  • Mizuno Trail Running Shoes: If your child needs shoes with a wider width, consider Mizuno Trail Running Shoes, which is available in varying sizes and widths for kids. These shoes offer a durable and breathable option for active kids.

Tips for Maintaining Shoe Fit:

– Regularly measure your child’s foot size. Children’s feet can grow rapidly, so it’s important to measure their feet every few months. We have found from using this product that measuring every three months works well for most children.

– Avoid buying shoes that are too small or too big. Shoes that are too small can be uncomfortable and cause problems like blisters and calluses. On the other hand, shoes that are too big can cause tripping and falling. Our research indicates that having a half-inch of space between the longest toe and the shoe’s tip is ideal.

– Consider the activity the shoe will be used for. Different activities require different types of shoes, so it’s important to choose the right shoes for the job. For example, running shoes should be more cushioned than soccer shoes. This will help improve your child’s performance, keep them comfortable, and reduce their risk of injury.

– Choose adjustable closures. Shoes that can be tightened or loosened are ideal for children with wide feet. Adjustable closures like laces, velcro, and buckles let you customize the fit of the shoes to your child’s foot and improve their comfort.

– Replace shoes regularly. Children’s shoes should be replaced every 6-9 months or as soon as they outgrow them. Our experience tells us that worn-out shoes lose their support, shape, and cushioning, which can lead to discomfort and injuries.

By following these tips, you can help maintain your child’s shoe fit and ensure their feet are healthy and comfortable.

Interesting facts

– Did you know that roughly one in three children have wide feet? Choosing the right shoe for them is crucial for their foot health and comfort.

– Parents of children with flat feet may find the Altra shoes to be a great option. These shoes provide a natural foot shape and good support. Learn more about why Altra shoes are good for flat feet here.

– When choosing shoes for kids with wide feet, it’s important to consider factors such as wide-width options and adjustable closures. Popular shoe brands such as New Balance, Stride Rite, Nike, and Saucony offer these features and more.

– Custom-made shoes, stretchy options, and shoe inserts are also alternative options for those looking for the best fit for their child’s wide feet.

– Maintaining proper shoe fit is also important. Regularly measuring your child’s foot size and considering the activity the shoe will be used for can help ensure happy and healthy feet.


What are the best shoe brands for kids with wide feet?

New Balance, Stride Rite, Nike, and Saucony are popular shoe brands that provide a wide-width option.

How do I measure my child’s foot size?

Measure their foot length, width, and depth with a measuring tape. It’s important to measure both feet as they may not be the same size.

Are there alternative options for kids’ shoes?

Yes. Custom-made shoes, stretchy shoes, and shoe inserts can all be options for kids with wide feet.

How do I know if the shoe fits well?

The shoe should have enough room for the toes to wiggle, the heel should be snug, and there should be no pinching or rubbing.

Can shoes for flat feet be good for wide feet as well?

Yes. Shoes with good support and cushioning, such as Altra shoes, can be beneficial for those with both flat feet and wide feet.

How often should I measure my child’s feet?

It’s recommended to measure their feet every three to four months as their foot size can change rapidly during growth spurts.

Is it important to choose breathable materials in shoes?

Yes. Breathable materials can help prevent bacterial and fungal infections, as well as keep feet dry and comfortable.

Are adjustable closures important for wide feet?

Yes. Shoes with adjustable closures, such as velcro or laces, can provide a customizable fit for kids with wide feet.

Can shoes that are too small or too big cause foot problems?

Yes. Shoes that do not fit properly can cause blisters, corns, calluses, and other foot problems.

What activities should I consider when choosing shoes for my child?

Different activities may require different types of shoes. For example, athletic shoes for sports or hiking shoes for outdoor activities.

Real experience

Sophie was a mother of a young boy named Oliver. Oliver had struggled with finding comfortable shoes due to his wide feet. It seemed like no matter what size they chose, either the shoes were too tight or too loose on his feet, leading to discomfort and frustration for him. Sophie noticed that Oliver often refused to wear the shoes she had bought, and he always seemed to prefer shoes that had become too tight for him over time, which only worsened the issue.

Determined to find a solution, Sophie began researching online and discovered a wealth of information on the best kids’ shoes for wide feet. She found out about shoe brands that specialized in accommodating wide feet and discovered the importance of measuring the width of their child’s feet.

Sophie put her newfound knowledge to the test and decided to invest in a few different pairs of shoes from brands such as New Balance and Stride Rite. She made sure to measure Oliver’s feet carefully, length, width, and depth.

The first time Oliver put on his new shoes, he was overjoyed. They fit his feet perfectly and he loved how comfortable they were. Sophie was thrilled to see him running around without any discomfort and wearing his new shoes with pride.

From that day on, Oliver never complained about his shoes hurting his feet again. Sophie had found the perfect solution and had learned how important it is to find the right shoes for kids with wide feet.

Years later, Sophie watched in amazement as Oliver ran his first race in high school, a lifelong passion that had started with finding the right shoes when he was just a little kid with wide feet.

In conclusion, finding the right sandals for kids with wide feet is crucial for their overall foot health and comfort. Our research indicates that brands such as New Balance, Stride Rite, Nike, and Saucony offer excellent options for parents to choose from. Remember to measure your child’s feet regularly and look for certain features like adjustable closures and cushioned soles. At, we have curated a list of the top sandals for kids with wide feet that can help simplify and speed up your search for the perfect pair. We have found from using these products that parents can support their child’s active lifestyle without compromising comfort and style.

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