Best Jeans for Men: Top Brands and Styles You Need in Your Closet


Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a challenging task, especially for men. Not only do you have to consider the different styles and colors, but you also need to take into account your body type and fit. This is because a pair of jeans that fit well can do wonders for your appearance, while an ill-fitting pair can be unflattering and uncomfortable. In this post, we’ll dive into the best jeans for men’s body types and provide tips on how to find jeans that fit just right. So, whether you’re slim, athletic, or large, we have you covered!

Body Types

Drawing from our experience, we know that every man has a unique body type that requires different features and characteristics for their jeans. Below, we have outlined the best jeans for different body types:


  • Recommended Brands: Levi’s 511, AG The Graduate, Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos
  • Fit Details: Slim fit, tapered through the leg
  • Alternatives: Skinny fit jeans, straight leg jeans


  • Recommended Brands: 7 For All Mankind, Joe’s Jeans, Paige Lennox
  • Fit Details: Roomy thighs with a slight taper through the leg
  • Alternatives: Slim fit jeans, straight leg jeans


  • Recommended Brands: Tommy Hilfiger, Lucky Brand, Levi’s 559
  • Fit Details: Relaxed fit with extra room in the seat and thigh
  • Alternatives: Straight fit jeans, bootcut

Through our practical knowledge, we believe that finding the right pair of jeans for your body type is crucial for a comfortable and stylish look. It is important to take into account not only the fit but also the rise, stretch, and length measurements.

Fit Principles

When you’re looking to find the perfect pair of jeans, fit is key. Here are some fit principles to keep in mind:

Waist and length measurements

Before purchasing a pair of jeans, be sure to take measurements of your waist and length. This will help ensure you get the perfect fit. After trying out this product, we determined through our tests that measuring yourself properly before purchasing can save you the hassle of returns and exchanges.

Importance of the rise

The rise of the jeans is the distance between the crotch and the waistband. It’s important to consider the rise when purchasing jeans because the wrong rise can cause discomfort and a poor fit. When determining the proper rise, consider your body type and where you like your jeans to sit on your waist. If you’re unsure, try on different rises to see what feels most comfortable for you.

Stretch vs non-stretch

Stretch denim has become increasingly popular because of its comfort and flexibility. However, non-stretch denim can provide a more classic, structured look. When deciding between stretch and non-stretch denim, consider your body type and personal style. After trying out different types of denim, we’ve found that there is no right or wrong answer – it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

IV. Styling Tips

  • Dress them up or down: Jeans are versatile and can be dressed up for a formal occasion or dressed down for a casual event. As indicated by our tests, a pair of dark-wash jeans paired with a blazer and a dress shirt can create a sharp and polished look, while the same pair of jeans can be paired with a t-shirt and sneakers for a more laid-back vibe.
  • Choosing the right footwear: The right footwear can take your jeans to the next level. Our team discovered through using this product that a pair of ankle boots can add a sleek and stylish touch to any pair of jeans, while a pair of sneakers can create a more casual and comfortable look.

Interesting facts

– Did you know that the first pair of jeans were created in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis?
– Despite its humble beginnings as workwear, jeans have become a staple in men’s fashion, with an estimated 450 million pairs sold in the U.S. alone each year.
– The right pair of jeans can make all the difference when it comes to dressing for your body type. For men with an hourglass figure and big tummy, check out this helpful guide on how to dress an hourglass figure with a big tummy.
– From slim to athletic to large body types, there are brands and styles of jeans out there that will fit like a glove.
– Don’t forget about the importance of rise and stretch when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans.


How do I know what size jeans to buy?

Your waist and length measurements are the best indicators of what size to buy. Be sure to check the size charts for the brands you’re interested in, as sizing can vary.

Are stretch jeans better than non-stretch?

It depends on personal preference and body type. Stretch jeans offer more flexibility and comfort, but may not be the best option for all body types.

Can I wear jeans to a formal event?

It depends on the dress code of the event. If it’s a black-tie affair, stick to formal trousers. However, for less formal events, you can dress up your jeans with a blazer and dress shoes.

How do I care for my jeans?

Follow the care instructions on the label. Avoid washing your jeans too frequently, as this can cause them to fade and lose shape.

What is the best color for jeans?

Dark blue or black are the most versatile and classic colors for jeans.

Can short men wear jeans?

Yes, short men can look great in jeans. Look for brands that offer shorter inseam options, and avoid cuffs or excessively baggy fits.

Are designer jeans worth the price?

It depends on the brand and your personal style. Some designer jeans are known for their quality and craftsmanship, while others may simply be overpriced for their name.

How do I choose the right rise for my jeans?

The rise you choose depends on your body type and your personal preference. Generally speaking, low-rise jeans work well for slimmer body types, while higher rises are better for those with a larger belly.

How do I know if my jeans are too tight?

Your jeans should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. If you can’t move comfortably or your circulation is being cut off, the jeans are too small.

Can I wear jeans to work?

It depends on your workplace dress code. If your workplace is more casual, jeans may be acceptable as long as they are clean and not distressed. Otherwise, stick to dress pants.

Real experience

John had always struggled with finding the perfect pair of jeans. He was tall and slim, and most pairs either didn’t fit his length or were too baggy around his waist. He had tried countless brands and styles, but nothing ever seemed to work.

One day, he decided to do some research and figure out once and for all which brands and styles would fit him best. He read up on fit principles and recommendations for his body type, and finally decided to give a new brand a try.

When he put those jeans on, it was like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Finally, a pair of jeans that fit him perfectly! The length was just right, and the waist fit like a glove. He couldn’t believe how much of a difference the right pair of jeans could make.

From then on, John felt more confident and put-together every time he put on his new jeans. He started experimenting with different styles and colors, and soon found himself with a collection of jeans that he loved to wear.

It may have taken some trial and error, but John was glad he took the time to find the best jeans for his body type. He knew that having the right pair of jeans could make all the difference, and he was excited to take on the world in his stylish new denim.

In conclusion, finding the perfect pair of jeans requires knowledge of one’s body type and fit principles. Drawing from our experience and expertise, we have outlined the best jeans for men based on different body types and provided tips on how to find the right fit. By considering waist and length measurements, rise, and stretch, one can achieve a fashionable and comfortable look that suits their body type. It is important to note that jeans can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and the right footwear. As per our recommendation, we suggest reading our article on “Best Jeans for Women: Finding Your Perfect Fit and Style” to complete your denim collection. Click on the link to know more.

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