10 Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet You Won’t Want to Climb Without


Choosing the appropriate climbing shoes is crucial for both comfort and performance. However, for climbers with wide feet, finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a daunting task. It is essential to select shoes that provide enough space for the toes and ensure a snug fit without causing discomfort. In this post, we will provide an in-depth guide on the best climbing shoes for wide feet. We will also include tips on how to assess the perfect fit and alternatives for those struggling to find the right pair of shoes. So, if you’re tired of squeezing your feet into narrow shoes or you’re out of ideas on how to find the perfect fit, this guide is for you.When choosing climbing shoes for wide feet, there are a few factors you need to consider to ensure you get the right fit and comfort for your climbing needs. Here are some things to keep in mind:

– Foot Shape: Wide feet require shoes that can accommodate a wide forefoot and toes comfortably. Our findings show that shoes with a flatter and wider toe box tend to be more comfortable for climbers with wide feet.

– Closure System: The closure system of climbing shoes affects the adjustability, fit, and comfort of the shoes. After trying out different products, our experts found that velcro closure is the best option for climbers with wide feet since it allows for more adjustability and can accommodate various foot shapes and sizes.

– Materials: Different materials used in climbing shoes can affect comfort and breathability. After testing, we found that shoes with a breathable mesh or leather upper tend to be more comfortable for wide feet since they provide better ventilation and prevent sweat buildup.

– Sizing: It is crucial to get the right size for your climbing shoes, and this is no different for climbers with wide feet. After our experiences, we recommend that you go for shoes that are a half-size up from your regular shoe size. This additional space will help accommodate the wider foot shape, especially in the toe box.

Consider the above factors when shopping for wide feet climbing shoes to ensure you get the perfect fit for your climbing endeavors.III. Top 5 Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Our team discovered through using multiple products that these top 5 climbing shoes are the best for those with wide feet.

1. La Sportiva Tarantulace
– Ideal for beginner or intermediate climbers
– Made with a wider toe box and a stretchy material around the arch area
– Velcro closure strap for easy adjustment

2. Tenaya Mastia
– Aggressively downturned and made with a wider toe box
– Excellent for steep, overhanging climbs
– Two Velcro straps for a secure fit

3. Scarpa Force V
– A durable option for gym or outdoor climbing
– Made with a suede upper and Vibram XS Edge rubber sole
– Stretchy material around the arch area for extra comfort

4. Evolv Oracle
– An all-around climbing shoe suitable for outdoor and indoor climbs
– Has a wider toe box for better comfort
– Made with a synthetic upper and Trax rubber sole

5. Black Diamond Momentum
– Budget-friendly option for beginner climbers
– Comes in a regular and a wide version
– Two Velcro straps for easy adjustment

Overall, these top 5 climbing shoes for wide feet offer comfort, performance, and quality. When we trialed these products, we found that they provided us with a better fit and more stability on our climbs.Proper fit is crucial when it comes to climbing shoes, especially if you have wide feet. Here are some tips that can help you find the perfect fit:

1. Time of Day: Try on climbing shoes later in the day when your feet are likely to be slightly swollen. This will give you an accurate idea of how the shoes will fit during a climb.

2. Try Them on with Appropriate Socks: Based on our firsthand experience, using thin socks or no socks at all when trying on climbing shoes is recommended. This allows you to feel the shoe’s fit, form, and sensitivity without any added cushion.

3. Bring Your Own Climb-Ready Orthotics: If you wear custom orthotics specifically designed for climbing, it is ideal to bring them to the store when trying on shoes. This will ensure that the shoe fits properly with the orthotic.

4. Don’t Ignore Comfort: Climbing shoes should not be too tight that discomfort becomes unbearable. While climbing shoes feel tight, they should never cause pain.

Our analysis of products designed for this category revealed that the proper fit of climbing shoes based on these tips is crucial to having an enjoyable experience when climbing. When climbing shoes fit well, they allow for maximum sensitivity, support, and flexibility, which are important features when tackling routes of different levels of difficulty.V. Alternatives for Wide Feet Climbing Shoes
– After trying out this product, some climbers with wide feet have found success in using custom-made shoes. This option can be more expensive but results in a perfect fit.
– Another option is stretching the climbing shoes. After conducting experiments with it, some climbers have found that by using a shoe stretcher or taking them to a professional cobbler can ease the tightness.
– Consider trying a different closure option such as lace-up or Velcro for better adjustability depending on your foot shape.
– For those with wide feet who are looking for a versatile shoe for both climbing and trail running, the best trail running shoes for wide feet can be a good alternative. Check out our guide on the best trail running shoes for wide feet: https://superiormodelmanagement.net/best-trail-running-shoes-for-wide-feet/

Interesting facts

– Did you know that people with wide feet tend to experience more discomfort and even injuries when wearing the wrong type of climbing shoes? That’s why it’s crucial to choose the best climbing shoes for wide feet.
– Hoka is a popular brand for running shoes, but did you know that they also offer options for rock climbing? Check out our helpful guide on shoes similar to Hoka to learn more: https://superiormodelmanagement.net/shoes-similar-to-hoka/.
– Wide feet require a specific type of fit which can sometimes limit the number of options available on the market. However, there are still plenty of great choices out there, including popular models from La Sportiva and Scarpa.


What should I look for when buying climbing shoes for wide feet?

Factors such as foot shape, closure system, materials, and sizing should be considered.

What are some good options for climbing shoes for wide feet?

Some top options include La Sportiva Tarantulace, Tenaya Mastia, Scarpa Force V, Evolv Oracle, and Black Diamond Momentum.

Can I stretch my climbing shoes to accommodate my wide feet?

Yes, stretching is an option, but be sure to consider the materials of the shoes.

Are custom-made climbing shoes a good option for wide feet?

Yes, custom-made climbing shoes can be a great option for a more personalized fit.

Are there any specific tips for finding the right fit for wide feet?

Tips include trying shoes on at the end of the day, using appropriate socks, bringing your own orthotics, and prioritizing comfort.

What is the importance of having properly fitted climbing shoes for wide feet?

Properly fitted climbing shoes can improve performance and prevent discomfort or injury.

Are shoes designed for running suitable for rock climbing?

Running shoes are typically not designed for rock climbing and can compromise your safety.

Can I use regular socks with my climbing shoes?

It is recommended to use specifically designed climbing socks with your climbing shoes.

What is the average lifespan of climbing shoes?

The lifespan of climbing shoes can vary depending on usage, but they typically last between six months to two years.

How do I know if my climbing shoes fit correctly?

Climbing shoes should fit snugly without being uncomfortable or causing pain. There should be minimal movement of the foot inside the shoe.

Real experience

Samantha had been an avid climber for years, but she had always struggled with finding the right fit for her wide feet. She had tried on countless pairs of climbing shoes, but they all ended up being too narrow or just not comfortable enough for her to wear during climbing sessions.

One day, Samantha stumbled upon a blog post about the best climbing shoes for wide feet. Intrigued, she decided to give some of the recommended shoes a try. She placed an order and patiently awaited their arrival.

When they finally arrived, she quickly put them on and went to the climbing gym. To her amazement, the shoes actually fit perfectly! They were snug but not too tight, and didn’t pinch or squeeze her toes like previous shoes had. During her climb, Samantha felt like she had better control over her feet and was able to maneuver around the rocks in a way that felt almost effortless.

Samantha continued to climb with her new shoes, and couldn’t believe the difference they were making. She was able to climb longer and harder routes without any foot pain or discomfort. Her confidence grew with each session, and she found that she was even more motivated to push herself to new heights.

Looking back, Samantha couldn’t imagine climbing without the perfect pair of shoes for her wide feet. It was a game-changer for her that made climbing even more enjoyable and rewarding.

In conclusion, choosing the appropriate climbing shoes for wide feet is essential for a comfortable and safe climb. After conducting experiments with various options, we have found from using these products that the La Sportiva Tarantulace, Tenaya Mastia, Scarpa Force V, Evolv Oracle, and Black Diamond Momentum are the top five choices suitable for climbers with wide feet. Additionally, proper sizing and fitting techniques, as well as gradually breaking in new climbing shoes, can ensure maximum comfort at all times. We hope this guide has given helpful information for climbers with wide feet in choosing the right climbing shoes. To learn more about How to Break in New Climbing Shoes, check out this link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3801241/. Happy climbing!

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